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Beaten, but not broken

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Analysis of errors

Since my respected opponent has done an excellent review of the battle (with my photos) (https://firestormstripes.warconsole.com/battles/red-batya-vs-wolf-1520786569), I believe that I should at least briefly clarify my mistakes, especially since it can be useful to everyone.Yes, and we had three battles - in the first I won, this is the second one, he won, and the third one in which I again won. The confusion out of the fact that when I wrote the third battle, for some reason, I created two reports at once.

1. Always use first of all your excellent scouting on the "Luchs" in the most dangerous direction - thus you limit the deployment of the enemy.

Good use of scout by the Soviets.

2. Remember that it is not always advantageous to open fire first, even if you have the first move. Sometimes it is better to wait for the opponent to move and open his positions to you, as well as to be done in my case.

The result of premature fire opening

3. Place your infantry units in positions with good visibility - houses, hills. Infantry units are very tenacious, and can long enough to frighten an opponent with their Milanese.

The shooting of infantry.

4. A hint from personal experience - LARS with mines, when properly used, can stop entire tank groupings. In my case, this did not happen because of the hideous throws on the cubes.

LARS in position

5. In general, this game was lost not so much because of mistakes, but because of bad luck. For example, LARS threw three "one" on the dice when setting up mines, three "two" planes, and there are lots of such examples.

To ensure that this report does not look completely boring, I will add here a photo from my personal collection, relax). I wish everyone good luck.

On guard.

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Warsaw Pact


  • Jagdpanzer says:

    hmm so who won?.. lol, your Leopard 2 looks awesome mate

  • Nabeshin says:

    Really strong defense of Amsterdam; 2 wins and a loss is still excellent for us! I’m not quite sure if this is the mistake regarding two reports, but the details and overall quality are what give us the points, not the wins.

  • recce103c says:

    OK I see it now, who was the referee??

    great colour pattern on your opponents Hinds

  • recce103c says:

    Absolutely gorgeous terrain and excellent models (the finished ones )

    Great honest AAR with supporting pictures – we are getting used to your style Kamarad Wolf

    recommended Kamard for identifying the lessons and learn from it

    good luck with securing ‘mijn moederland’ next shot!!!

  • bayankhan says:

    Nice report

  • Stone says:

    Excellent analysis. Thank you for adding your thoughts pertaining to the usefulness of differnt units.

  • Storm Caller says:

    Wrong link?

  • Wolf says:

    Will today, accidentally published.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    It would benefit you both to write up all of your battles and link them together. This earns you more experience, and gives people both perspectives of the battle.

    If nothing else is going to be added to this, it will be rated poorly.

  • Wolf says:

    Apparently, the site was slightly bungled, I’m now writing about the third battle, Red Batya won the second.

  • recce103c says:

    awaiting Comment, but congrats on the win in Amsterdam,

    how come you both claim a win?????? 🙁