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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Recon in Force "Hamburg"

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Colonel Ivon-a-drinksky


As my son set up the table I got to choose the mission. Having a look at what he had done and the church in the centre I decided on the quick mission "Recon in Force", using the church as the major objective.
We then both placed down an extra two objectives each with 16" of the church, but more than 12" away from each other.
The objective of the game was to secure the Church and one other objective; or
secure three of the other objectives.

RCT2 deploy with Artillery support to the rear, the tank element on the left flank, the two infantry platoons in the buildings and the TOW section and OP on the road facing out.
My son, the Colonel, deploys in around some building on the other side of the main bridge.

Turn One

Turn one see's the Col move his troops forward and seeking an early victory rushes forward with his recon to secure an objective while a BMP Company secure another. In response I push my infantry forward and my tanks around my left flank. The SMAWs of one of the platoons are in range and destroy one BRDM while the other fails it morale check and leaves the field.

Turn Two

The soviets stay with the plan of using speed and shock power to secure the objectives and move a tank and BMP force down the road towards the church, while another swings around behind using the trees and river as cover. As there are no targets they don't shoot. I blitz the Observer forward and dash the infantry forward while the tanks move around and engage the tanks with direct fire while the observer calls in artillery on top on the T72s and BMPs turning the road into a kill zone.
The surviving infantry dismount towards the church.

Turn Three

The soviets continue to move forward and the surviving T72 engages the M60s but misses. The surviving infantry occupy the church and a ATGW Platoon occupy an objective. He now has three objectives under his control. In response the M60s move forward and the observer shifts his fire to the bridge. Then with direct and indirect fire a T72 and three BMPs are destroyed. The majority of their infantry save though and move to the creek for cover. The 1st Infantry Platoon then assault the church and take it from the enemy. RCT2 now hold three objectives.

Turn Four

The T72s continue to move around the flank and engage and destroy a SMAW team that was set up outside the church covering down the road with two Dragon teams. In response the Dragon teams return fire and destroy a T72. The surviving Soviet infantry move towards the church in an effort to try and take it. The Marine M60's advance up the road with the TOW section.

Turn Five

The last of the T72s move forward to engage the troops in the church with direct fire while the last of the infantry get ready to assault forward. The T72s fail to hit anything. 1st Platoon Commander now calls in a artillery strike on them that destroys the two ATGW vehicles. The M60s move up and destroy one of the T72s with direct fire, while claiming another objective at the same time.
The Colonel decides he doesn't have enough troops to take the church so withdraws the survivors to fight another day.


The end result for Regimental Combat Team 2 was occupying three of the minor objectives and the major being the church. The butchers bill was a SMAW team and 2 Dragon teams.
My son tried for an early victory by rushing the objectives but ended up caught on the road which I turned into a fire lane.
The M60s really worked well as I used the buildings as cover.

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