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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Operation Oscillation Overthruster

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Operation Oscillation Overthruster Briefing

SUMMARY: (S) Joint Task Force Banzai reports contact with elements of the Soviet 74th Guards Tank Regiment 1km northwest of the city of Horstein.

DETAILS: (S) Intelligence reports indicated a Soviet Armor Battalion, elements of the Soviet 74th Guards Tank Regiment, had been ordered to break off from the main Regiment to capture and/or destroy the Krattwerk Staudinger power station, located in Hainstadt, 30km east of Frankfurt. EUCOM determined capture or destruction of Krattwerk Staudinger would significantly hinder operations in and near Frankfurt and endanger Frankfurt citizens.

(S) Commander Joint Task Force Banzai ordered Kampfgruppe Von Stein, led by Hauptmann Gervas Von Stein, and aided by elements of the 1st Panzer Brigade, to mobilize from Ansbach, Hoff Corridor and redeploy to Frankfurt to interdict the Soviet Tank Battalion and protect Krattwerk Staudinger. Kampgruppe Von Stein had recently completed all operational actions in Ansbach associated with Operation Watermelon and was available for re-engagement.

(S) Joint Task Force Banzai surveillance elements determined Soviet Tank Battalion to be 20km southeast of Krattwerk Staudinger, en route to the power station. Hauptmann Von Stein established an ambush position for Kampfgruppe Von Stein 1km outside of the city of Horstein (geo coordinates 50.059170, 9.056123), 10km southeast of Krattwerk Staudinger. Subsequent engagement between Kampfgruppe Von Stein and Soviet Tank Battalion was reported.

(S) The engagement between the Soviet Tank Battalion and Kampfgruppe Von Stein is photo-documented below.

Satellite recon of Horstein.

Photo Documentation of Operation

Aerial surveillance photo of ambush site chosen by Hauptmann Von Stein outside of Horstein.
Kampfgruppe Von Stein sets ambush in advance Soviet Guards Armor Battalion column.
Soviet Guards Armor Battalion arrives led by two platoons of T-64s and a platoon of Carnation artillery . Kampfgruppe Von Stein Leopard 1 command platoon emerges from ambush and engages the T-64s.
Kampfgruppe Von Stein unleashes the Marder platoon and Luchs to flank the Soviet position.
Soviet Guards Armor Platoons steam forward and are engaged by Kampfgruppe Von Stein Leopard 1s. Von Stein's Marders and Luchs flank the Soviet position and dispatch the Russian artillery.
Soviet BMP rush forward to support the advanced T-64 platoon.
Kampfgruppe Von Stein Leopard 1 third and fourth platoon arrive on site and immediately engage Soviet T-64s at a distance.
Kampfgruppe Von Stein Leopard 1 second platoon engages and vanquishes the Soviet BMPs, forcing all Soviet infantry to hoof it.
The Soviet commander calls in for air support. A flight of Hinds arrive causing the Luchs platoon to reconsider their involvement in the engagement. Von Stein's Marders weather the Hind storm and push forward.
Soviet T-64 platoon redeploys to further engage Von Stein's Leopard 1 command platoon. The thickness of the forest and brush conceal the Leopards from the Soviet gunners, resulting in the loss of only one Leopard.
Three platoons of Leopard 1s open into the forward deployed T-64 platoon, decimating their ranks.
While Von Stein's Marders and Gepards unleash on the Soviet infantry.
Having suffered significant losses, the Soviet commander determines to withdraw from the field of battle.

Joint Task Force Banzai Historical Documents

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