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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Annihilation of Cossack in Amsterdam Operation Area

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Royal Hawaiian Gamers SALUTE O report

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Cossacks Annihilation in Amsterdam

Salute O report

Size 30 points
Activity Quick Mission Annihilation, I was attacking

Location Amsterdam operation area, Amsterdam Theater

Unit Panther Force

Time 1100 31 March 2018

Enemy Force T-72 Company of Cossack

Outcome I Won 6 to 1

Panther Force
Panther Commander

The Battle Report

The Attack started in the dark of early morning the company in line a breast. 1st Platoon was on the right, the 2nd Platoon with Commander in the center, and 3rd Platoon on the left.

The 1st Platoon Identified off to its left at 1100 O clock, three T-72, The Commander was able to identify them along with 2nd Platoon. On the commander counter down all eight Leopards fired! The result was two explosions and the third tank backed away!

The 3rd Platoon had identified a group of 4 T-72 in some woods to their front but held fire to wait for the target to become clearer.

The four remaining T-72 fired at 2nd Platoon, destroying one of the Leopards! In return Nine Leopards fired back, causing two more explosions among the T-72! The last two back away as the company advanced!

Panther Out
Panther Wins 6-1

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