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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Early morning in Amsterdam! Or I hate the dark!

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German
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“Enjoy the music”

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Size 30 points

Activity Quick Mission Annihilation, I was defending

Location Amsterdam operation area, Amsterdam Theater

Unit T-72 Company of 83rd BTR Battalion, 8th Motorized Rifle Division Cossack

Time 1100 31 March 2018

Enemy Panther Force

Outcome I Lost 1 to 6

T-72 Company of 83rd BTR Battalion, 8th Motorized Rifle Division Cossack

The Battle Report

It was early morning I had deployed with 2nd Platoon in some woods on the right of our battle area. The 1st Platoon process of moving up when all hell broke loose! All at once, 8 Leopard 1’s to the south had fired as one. There were two explosions in the 1st Platoon and the third was retreating with smoke coming from the engine.

I order the 2nd Platoon to return fire at the leopards
barrel flashes, I saw one Leopard explode!

The first group of Leopard returned fire wildly missing, and then 2 T-72 in 2nd Platoon exploded! Yet another Leopard Platoon had joined the battle!

With only two tank left the time had come to advance north once more!

We ride!
Panther wins 6 to 1

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