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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Holding on

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Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv
VS United States
Der Scholinger

Flo and me met for a Friday evening match. We rolled Dust Up with the US as the attacker.

My Force:

1x Command T-64
6x T-64 (Kobra)
6x T-64
3x T-64
4x Gaskins
4x Shilkas
1x Observer BMP
3x Acacia
3x Storms

US Forces:

1x Cavalary Command (M113)
4x M1
3x M1
4x Scout Sections
2x HUMVEE stinger
4x Vulcans
4x Cobras
3x M109 (Copperhead, Mines)

100 points of T-64
US forces
The battlefield

US starting force:

4x M1
3x M1
3x M109
1x Scout section

Soviet starting force:
6x T-64 (Kobra)
6x T-64
3x Storms
4x Gaskin

Turn 1:

I won the roll to begin. So I drove my T-64 out of range from the Cobras. My Storms and Gaskins hided in the Woods. The Shooting from the T-64 was not good and bailed just one Scout.
The Cobras where out of range and so sneaked Forward behind the factory. The smaller M1 platoon made a Blitz move and tried to shoot on the T-64. But they were out of range. In the middle the M1 pushed agressively Forward and bailed 2 T-64, another was bailed by the Scout section.

Soviet deployement. At this time I did not mention that I forgot to place the T-64 company...
US side
I don't like them...

Turn 2:

At this time the other T-64 was on my mind again. I just forgot to put them on the field, because I thought there was an ambush in Dust Up. Flo was fair to me (more then I deserve) and allowed me to bring them from reserve. Thanks for that! So this was already the turn which decided everything. My Storms fired two rockets on the smaller M1 platoon, destroying one and bailing another. The last remnant deciced to leave the field. On storm shot at the other platoon in the centre and killed another M1. WOW. Then the T-64 destroyed the last M1 completely. So not one single M1 was on the field anymore in turn 2. Ouch...

To answer that carnage the M109 destroyed two T-64 and bailed another. The cobras did not hit anything.

The storms used their range
An also killed another M1
This guys destroyed 32 points in one turn
After shooting in turn 2 all M1 had been destroyed
M109 returning the fire with Copperheads

Turn 3:

One of my T-64 companies pushed Forward to the objective destroying the FIST. The Gaskins, Storms and T-64 opened up fire on the cobras and destroyed one.

The M109 again destroyed one T-64, bailed another and the Cobras did the same. I passed my morale test. It loooked very bad for the yanks.

To much attention for the FIST
Another salvo of missiles going down on the T-64

Turn 4:

My first reserves arrive and I brought my small T-64 Company on the field. The Gaskins destroyed another Cobra and T-64 went on the objective.

The Cobras destroyed one T-64 on the objective, but that was not enough. So I what was a Soviet victory!

T-64 advance
Reserves arriving
Taking the objective
After the battle

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Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv