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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Hoff Bloodbath

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German

We decided to play a 60pt game at our local hobby shop. We chose 60pts so we could get multiple games in and get others the chance to view some team yankee. It turned out not to be such a quick game. We let our friend make the table and he decided on an urban fluster cluck with some forest. By the end of it all we lost track of turns and since the scenario didn’t mention a turn limit we decided upon a draw as the shop was near closing.

Germans get the first turn
German Tornados hit hard

Disaster off the hop.Peiper rushed his gepards up the table to engage my BMP-2s and shilkas. I lose one BMP-2 ,a stand of infantry and a shilka. German Tornados make it through my gophers as one hits but fails the firepower.My Shilka crew are crosseyed as are every person manning the T72 AAmgs. Result I lose the remaining shilka and 4 T72s. Great start.

Things aren't looking well for the Soviets. Surviving shilka crew are exicuted by the commander.
BMP-2 can't see anything as dawn hasn't broken.
Gepards are dispatched by Soviet infantry and T72s.
Leopards destroy 2BMP-2s and Bail one. The unit leader decideds to run.

Not gonna lie. I felt the throwing in the towel and conceding here. The table setup and night rules really hindered my BMPs strength of range as they couldn't see or have good avenues of fire. Not to mention I lost alot before my first turn. I pushed on into this slaughter.

My tanks move up to the forrest to take care of flanking M109s. I had neutralized the enemy spotter.
BMP 2 transports get luckly and survive incoming fire.
I regroup and prepare to push through a forrest.
The push is successful and the Tornados are downed! I have a chance!

I take a personal victory in destroying the Tornadoes. They have caused my forces much woe in the past and with my rolls they usually make it.That salvo is evil.

Leo 1s moving in on BMPs.
German reserves make their way to the front
Germans try to hold back Soviet armor
Soviet armor pushes onward while two fail to navigate out of the woods.
BMPs finally take the fight to the enemy.
Germans counter attack in attempt to drive back the Soviets.
German infantry push through some woods while a Leo 1 prepares to support them. Soviet infantry take up posistions in two buildings on the obj.
Enemy commander is taken out.
Lone BMP survives Infantry AT and LEO 1 fire. Aerial recon encountered fire which is why the photo is a little blurry.
My push is halted and I pull back my last T72
Milans get my T72 as he pulls back. I forgot about the milans.
Hero BMP-2pops the last LEO on my flank.
I prepare for my last stand.
Hero BMP-2 drives Marders off.
Hero BMP-2 crew bravely gave their lives for the Motherland.
Luchs show up

Leos push up to attack my Gophers that are hiding in back. One Gopher survives and my infantry kill a Leo with an RPG. The last Leo flees. There are no images of this triumph as the recon plane crashed.

Luchs are knocked out.
After exchanging fire Germans assault my first building.
First house is lost but my second house remains and I'm still contesting.
Infantry kill another enemy vehicle.
The Brave Soviet infantry are more than a match for the Germans should they assault my secondary posistion. Both sides within shouting distance.
Only surviving vehicle on the table.
We call a ceasefire. It was a well faught battle.

At the end here we decided to call it a draw. We ran out of time at the shop and it anyone's fight at this point. Neither of us had our commanders and we were both down to our last men. All and all it was a good fight. We had a good back and forth. I really enjoyed holding out with my infantry and popping enemy vehicles as they ventured to close to them. The amount of terrain really slowed the pace of battle but the fights we had were bloody with casualties on both sides.

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