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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Hanover AAR

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Soviet Deployment
Soviet agression ! Smoke bombardment aids the advancing BMP motor coy!
TP smoke
BMP 2 down. Infantry makes it out only to be cut down by Gepards.
Right Flank Germans advance.
Soviets have the Right Flank.
Soviet T72s say not today! Right flank secure.
Soviet infantry take the fight to the enemy ! They pressure is on! Enemy commander had to relocate to a friendly tank.
Soviet Infantry do their job. Enemy tanks burn.
Soviet advance
Recce shows up and joins the fight.
Right Flanking manuver ended by Tornados and Leo 1s Reinforcing.
Leo 1s flank.
Commander down
German AA bites the dust
German Commander meets his end
Infantry Prepare to fight back
Leo2s and Tornados destroy remaining T72s
Germans are on the objective! IS THIS IT?!
Infantry remain
Enemey commander Cooked.
Defeat . Game over man !GAME OVER!

Ok SO the mission was Hanover Contact. My plan was to overwhelm the left flank while my right flank takes the objective. I started with my left flank my arty dropped smoke so my bmp inf could dash. My right flank dashed. turn Two My left lank disembarked and the right flank got into contact. Not gona lie things went south for the Soviets. Id add more But I am too drunk at this point. ..... Hopefully higher wont execute me for my losses.

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