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Firestorm: Stripes

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Where is my reargaurd

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Warsaw Pact
L W Wood
VS United States

Why is NATO so hell bent on Berlin. It has been lost to them since day one of this conflict. Yet they sacrifice Europe in a desperate bid to connect with what is little left of their force in Berlin. They have pushed through Leipzig once and we pushed them out. Yet again they come purely in an effort to get to graveyard of Berlin.
A small force was deployed to intercept US forces which were reportedly in the area once more. The 1st Infantry Coy prepared positions on the edge of the forest covering the road to towards Leipzig and further to Berlin. All they could do was sit and await the US advance.
It was very long before they started to arrive. In the distance numerous HUMVEEs moved rapidly but cautiously. They avoided any contact with our forces. Behind them were sighted a platoon of M133 no doubt carrying infantry.
From their arrival the US troops move wide to the left flank. They were trying to slip past us on the far side of the high ground. Request for support were sent but feel on deaf ears at Brigade. If we move to engage them the road will be open to them. A number of missile came from the Humvees who had now taken up positions on the far side of a small field. Two BMPs were now burning more were hit causing crews to bail out only to find their vehicles undamaged!
It was difficult to track the US Humvees, but still we engaged with our own AT missiles. Only one hit could be confirmed among the enemy positions.
Soon more US forces arrived from the NorthWest, a flight of Cobras were seen to the SouthWest. Clearly they were scouting our position in preparation for an attack. More units arrived behind the US lines. Surprisingly they turned away heading wide to the left flank rather than advance towards us.
Another exchange of missile fire saw another two BMPs lost causing more confusion among the crews. Another Humvee was now burning, at least that would reduce the incoming missiles. Another unit of Humvee were now starting to move in to positions to engage our flank. Our Air Defence battery made ready and kept look out for the Cobras.
Heavier units started to appear US M113 anti tank units were spotted advancing toward the infantry. The Cobra came closer now they were in range and the Gaskins launched their missiles followed by Gremlin missiles from the infantry. The helicopters clearly had countermeasures to confuse our missiles even then it was satisfying to see one spiral out of control toward the ground.
Still no sign of friendly forces the yanks continued to move to our flank and bring more units from their rear. The only option was to send our BMPs over the high ground. I am not sure if they were genuinely unable to move out of the forest or it was an excuse to remain hidden from the US TOW missiles.
The Cobras rose from the trees to fire missiles at our air defence. The Gremlin and Gaskin crews fired taking but were unable to stop the loss of two Gaskin.
Humvees now started to fire on our dug in positions with grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. Thankfully and defenses were well dug making the fire completely ineffective.
With no sign of Soviet reserves this continued for some time. The only success being a second Cobra falling from the sky. By now the US forces were swarming toward the southern valley mouth. Finally the second Infantry Coy arrive racing toward the mass of US forces. Their 30mm cannon blazing to clear the road ahead, but few rounds found their mark. They were too late! US units had now slipped past us to the south. US light forces were now heading toward Berlin, or at least into the awaiting arms of our heavier forces to our rear. They will not get much further on the road to Berlin.

Finally They get brave and move toward our positions
Road Block all set
US forces clearly avoiding direct contact
US Forces seem to have a different plan
TOW missiles cause concern
Easy to hit if you can see them
1st Cobra down
Soviets refuse to be lured away from their positions
More US forces arrive and begin to advance
Finally Soviet reserves arrive but too late.

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United States


  • bayankhan says:

    One of the reasons I break my infantry units up into smaller bites is greater flexibility. You lose the PKMs but you save a point and can buy and AGL.

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Tough loss. Well fought. Great report.

  • Blondie says:

    The road to Berlin will (hopefully) remain open.

    Berlin or Bust!

  • Red Alert says:


    Not your day tovarish Wood. The war isn’t going well for us in Leipzig. Nice report though.

  • Sicarius says:

    YES, I FEEL YOUR PAIN ON THE RESERVES!!!! I must’a been on the wrong Freq!!! LMAO

  • Blondie says:

    Was a great game I feel bad for lee with his reserve rolls. I was never going to all out attack that huge company road block not without some decent fire support and armour. Had lee more units I feel it may have been a different result.

  • Tovarishch Vilgelm says:

    Good report – and hard fought! I feel your pain as we’ve all been at the wrong end of “Where are my reserves???”

  • L W Wood says:

    Had I known the mission prior to making my list, I would have split the Infantry into smaller units. At least half in reserve with 5 units doesn’t leave much to deploy. With delayed reserves thrown in it was always going to be down to those reserves arriving in time.

  • Major Beaver says:

    Those reserves never arrive on the right time. Good report. Commendation given.