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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

TOTAL WAR at Leipzig. 200 points

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Warsaw Pact
Colonel Ivon-a-drinksky
VS United States

Having the large table ready to go it seemed a waste not to have another go at a Total War scenario but learning from the previous game we dropped it down to 200 points per side. One of the main lessons I got out of the previous game was the T55AM2 will struggle against M1s, so after a short 24 hour reinforcement period and small T64 Battalion of 11 tanks joined the Regiment.
This time we rolled off and I became the attacker and chose the opposite side I had previously. We placed the objectives and then had 20 minutes to place our forces. Those that didn’t make it on the table in that time limit were considered reinforcements. We also made it that all air-support was loitering as well and wouldn’t be available till after the first turn. The game was set for 6 turns.
My plan was to use small Battle Groups of T72s and BMP2s with mounted troops to use their speed to move in and secure objectives while the T64s engaged and destroyed any M1s.
As per normal though not many of my plans survive past the first shot…

On the right flank I have a small T72 Company supported with troops mounted in BMP2s and a small Anti-Air asset. They also have a Anti-Tank platoon of Spandrels covering them.
On the left flank it's very similar with a T72 Company but the supporting troops have dismounted. They also have a Ant-Air SAM attachment plus a Storm Anti-Tank Platoon in over watch. In the centre are the Battalion of T64s and a large company of T72 supported by ZSU 23-4s and BMP2s. These center forces would fix the enemy in place while the wings would move around and flank the enemy.
Across the table on my left was a Battle Group of IPM1s with ITVs and Infantry support.
On my right there was M1 Battle Group supported my artillery, Infantry and Anti-Air.
I advance the right flank forward and engage the M1 that are in the crop fields. This turns into ugly when the M1s are reinforced and the right flank crumbles after some very accurate return fire.
The left flank didn't fair much better. After moving forward the T72s were engaged by IPM1s that moved through the forest and engaged the T72s. Meanwhile the infantry dug in around the objective. Artillery was called in on the ITVs but will little effect. The 2 Storms added their weight to the battle destroying 2 IPM1s
Meanwhile the center advanced into the town that had been occupied by enemy dismounted infantry supported by VADs. The BMPs didn't fair too well and the T72s came under artillery attack. However revenge was had when a BMP gunned down some LAW carrying infantry.
The showdown between the T64s (which were T72s used as proxy) and IPM1s became a knife fight that took place in a wheat field where the +1 cover save was a bugger but that extra armour the T64 had came in handy. While this was going on a BRDM2 platoon moved forward to secure the objective.

The end result was not pretty. By the sixth turn....

On the right flank after trying to assault the M1s the infantry were gunned down.
But some M1s that pushed too far forward paid the price.
On the left while the tank battle was ragging the SAM platoon shot up the road to secure the objective but this is where the added maneuverability of the IPM1s paid off and they swung around and "put a cap" into the SAMs.
The center was a real knife fight where the tanks used the advanced stab to move around behind each other trading shots. The enemy infantry moved to secure the objective while this was going on so the BRDMs charged in to take it off them... lesson learnt here. Don't change infantry that are in cover and armed with LAWs. Doesn't end well.
The overall result was a costly affair by both sides
With the tally being 4 M1s, 3 IPM1s, 4 VADs, 4 Cobra Gunships, 2 M113 APCs and 2 infantry teams. For the gallant Soviets we lost 15 T72s, 11 T64s, 4 BRDMs, 10 BMP2s, 2 Storms, 3 Spandrels, 4 Anti-Air vehicles, 4 AK74 teams and 3 RPG7 teams.

With that the Soviet forces withdrew to come up with a better plan; leaving the field of victory to the US forces.

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