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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Desperate affairs require desperate measures

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Chuck Badger 6
VS Warsaw Pact

FV432 HQ 2 x2 GPMG SF teams
FV432 PLT 9 x2 Milan tms
FV432 PLT 7 x2 Milan tms
Milan Teams 4 x4 Milan tms
FV432 Mortar PLT 4 x8 Mortar carriers
Spartan Mobile Milan Section 4 x4 Spartan mobile sect
Chieftain 18 x3 Chieftains
Scorpion 2 x2 Scorpions
Harriers 10 x4 Harriers
Spartan Blowpipes SAM 9 x6 Blowpipes
Swingfire Guided WPNs 6 x3 Swingfires

Background: D6 Games Rochester MN
3 round tournament, 75 points, using firestorm stripes missions.
2nd round I was Handover contact

My predicament of getting critical terrain was not in my favor. The DDR was able to get good cover for mass infantry on my right flank and more or less open fields on my left flank. My battlefield intelligence was to deploy my ambush in the wheat field on left flank and the other on my right flank in the woods.
We started battle with clear sunny noon weather. Infantry on the right line was in good hiding positions the 2 Milan tms moved to upper floors of the to get better long range shots. Infantry and the ambush teams kept their wpns on hold tight. The DDR massed their infantry behind cover of the factory. My air force liaison tried calling for air cover. Wouldn’t you know it we couldn’t get priority air. Hate it for I know those East Germans were going to get closer without harassment fires.

Turn two the East Germans were being usually careful in their movements using terrain for cover. We didn’t receive much except for artillery on my right flank. We were prepared for artillery and we got air. The Harriers had a target rich environment to put down a super mass bombing. I saw flairs drop out to deflect those missiles. I could hear two Harriers pilots calling “MAY DAY MAY DAY going down” than radio silence. I’m not going to sleep tonight after hearing that bad outcome. Two Harriers found the mark.
Not much damage was done to the ADA section.

My Milan tms from both flanks found some BDRMs to smoke up.
By turn 3 the DDR was in two buildings closer to my right flank and putting pressure on me to make me to get desperate. I called on my ambush where I popped my Swingfire in the Wheatfield on the left where if I had done it all over I would have put my challengers instead. That’s what happens after continue lack of sleep mistakes happen. Instead my challenger’s came out of the woods on the right flank. My FV432s moved out to fire as best as possible to lay a wall of lead on the infantry behind the factories. I able to pin the infantry and take out some BDRMs.

Those Reds were smarter today where the T55, and T72s came on my left flank. The rapid fires and artillery took out my swingfire and bailed the last. The platoon leader was strong and stayed for another fight the next turn.

My reserves couldn’t come on and now the battle was getting real desperate I was in a fight over my head. My 2 Harriers came on for another suicide run and made more damage. But not enough to make the enemy to depart the battlefield. “Just my darn luck”.
My chieftains come out of the woods, to add to high drama one of my chieftains loose a track coming out of the woods. Now I can fire on only 3 targets and smoke up two.
Now that open ground on my left in turn 4 my reserves still can’t arrive. I placed my chieftains in the wrong ambush. Now I see 3 platoons of T72s and T55s racing to close ground. My lone swingfire gets back in and totally misses a tank. I call for Harriers and lose one and didn’t get any targets.

We timed out at 2 and half hours to a draw. My East German took platoon last stand and passed on every platoon. 1-3 draw. I couldn’t believe all that firing I couldn’t get a break. All three of his platoons who were unhealthy passed the morale test. Where I lost my swingfires, Harriers, and one FV432 platoon.

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