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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

“Next time I send a damn fool, I go myself”

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Chuck Badger 6
VS Warsaw Pact

Date 4 March 2018
Upon making contact with elements DDR East German 9 PZR DIV we found x3 Volksarmee T-55 BN, T-72 BN, and BMP Mot-schutzen BN. We located BM-21 Rocket Launchers, and those nasty Hinds. We will be in a fight boy’s Dutch beer tonight!
Our Irish Guards 432 Infantry with extra Milan’s took the high ground on the right flank, while my 2nd 432 PLT took the cross roads in the village on my left flank.

It does well when you do an IPB (Intelligence preparation of the battle field). Turn 1 I popped my ambush of Chieftains and MTC Spartans. Every shot counts boys. I called for Harrier support, they came in hard and fast. I cried when I saw two parachutes falling behind enemy lines. What Harriers that made it through all those missiles. They blunted the DDR fast attack against our right flank.

Turn 2 Those Harriers couldn’t come back. I was feeling heat rounds coming from above It was Hinds and blasted one Chieftain and 1 MTC. I had to deploy my FV432 to target infantry in the open. Meantime were getting hit hard with Artillery.

Our Airforce Observer called for a squadron of Harriers and this time took out the SA-13 Gopher, artillery 2S1 camation, and Spandels. Beers on us tonight to our Airforce hero’s.

We came to a draw in 4 turns due to time. British forces destroyed x6 platoons of tanks, ADA, and Artillery. While our losses were light where two chieftains were put out of action the platoon leader kept them around. Again my M109s did not get on the field.

Name: Chuck Hiner Army: British
Email: [email protected] Book or PDF Reference: Iron Maiden
Club: Screeming Eagles (North) City, State: LaCrosse WI
Force Name Death or Glory Boys
Primary Formation Headquarters Unit Points Notes
FV432 Mech HQ 2 2.7% x2 GPMG SF teams
Primary Formation Units Points Notes
FV432 Mech PLT 9 12.0% x2 Milan tms x1 FV432
FV432 Mech PLT 7 9.3% x2 Milan tms x1 FV432
FV432 Mortar PLT 4 5.3% x8 Mortar Carriers
Spartan Mobile milan Section 4 5.3% x4 Spartan Mobile sect
Chieftain 18 24.0% x3 Chieftain
Scorpion 2 2.7% x2 Scorpion

Supporting Units Points Notes
M109 Field Battery 10 13.3% x4 M109
Spartan Blowpipe 9 12.0% x6 Blowpipes
Harriers 10 13.3% x4 Harriers

Total Points 75 Planned Point Total 75 45 <-- 60% of force
Number of Units: Total (HQ) # (#) 1st Formation #

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