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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Amsterdam or Bust

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Warsaw Pact
VS United States

First Battle in the Campaign


I picked both tank units and the spandrels, hoping to swamp him before all his units hit the board.

Enemy Deployment

The US started with their HQ and arty, ranging in on the top, giving me very little area to approach.

1st Turn move

The columns dashed in the darkness, attempting to close as fast as possible. As they came around the hill, they were greeted with one measly tank and 3 arty. Easy pickings.....


Until the ambush opened up, pretty much getting a nice little shooting gallery.

Jinkies!! It's a trap.
Not sure what these big pointy things on our tanks are for.

Turn 2, I continue to close and roll for night fighting range....4" for 20 tanks...no shooting for me. :(

Is it the 4th of July? All I see is fireworks.

The US does what the US does best, kill T55's.

Reserves are pretty much nowhere to be seen, I'm bogging down on the hills on both flanks and I'm going to start testing next turn from loss of tanks.

The US player fired into my units, but didn't move.

I started my turn and we both realised I was within the 4" of the objective and he hadn't closed to contest it.

We both look at each other in shock....I have finally won with my East Germans.


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Warsaw Pact