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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Thank God, finally go to battle.

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

The red storm in Amsterdam.

Hauptmann Wolf looked forward to the outbreak of hostilities, however, which he could not foresee, so this is where he will be sent this time. "Amsterdam .. what a devil .. half of the homeland in the hands of the Soviets, and we must go and save these grassworks." As soon as possible Wolf went to his tank group, to the beloved Leopard 1 "Werwolf."

Mission Statement

The game was conducted according to the rules specified for the area. Areas of placement on the short sides of the gaming table. Both sides of the conflict have reserves, the Soviets withdraw them from the first move, NATO from the second. In addition, NATO has the ability to place one unit in an ambush. Also, minefields were placed on the only convenient places for passage: fords and a bridge. The table itself was a suburb of the city occupied by the Soviets, and a small village beyond the river, in which the troops of the Federal Republic of Germany urgently occupied the defense. The game starts at dawn, with the third turn of the NATO starts to roll for the day. The points are located in the church and in the southern tip of the village.

Zone of Germany
The zone of the USSR
General view of the zone
The first group of mines.
The mined bridge
Second group of mines
Last evacuation train
Village near the city

Arrangement of troops

In the village take the position of "Leopards -2", anti-aircraft "Gepards", on the contrary, in the church, the infantrymen were entrenched, preparing to meet the Soviets with fierce fire. "Jaguars - 1" took a position in the ambush, waiting for the perfect moment for a surprise attack."Marders" took a position near the second point, trying to keep it at any cost.

Leopards are ready for battle.
The infantry are preparing for defense.

The rest of the FRG troops, consisting of two groups of reconnaissance vehicles, the "Leopard 1" detachment, LARS reactive systems and strike aviation, are in reserve.

Slowly and uncontrollably, Soviet troops are approaching their goal. Intelligence BMPs take positions in the nearest grove, preparing to open fire with their anti-tank missiles. Slowly and uncontrollably, Soviet troops are approaching their goal. Intelligence BMPs take positions in the nearest grove, preparing to open fire with their anti-tank missiles. Tank groupings T-72 and T-64 occupy positions in the city, preparing for a decisive throw. The Soviet infantry is preparing to attack, being in their BMP.

The BMP are preparing their strike.
Preparing for an attack
Tanks with infantry support.
General view of the Soviet zone

In reserve, the Soviets have 3 groups of T-64 tanks, reconnaissance vehicles BRDM-2, anti-tank installations "Storm".

First turn

Turn of the Soviets.
Taking advantage of the night, the Soviets begin a massive offensive - they approach the river outside the minefields and try to cross it, which is not the first time. They do not open fire, preferring to be unobtrusive shadows in the night.

Crossing the left-flank grouping of Soviet tanks, the BMP remain in a stationary state, with the goal of launching an infantry landing and fire with anti-tank missiles.
The central group of tanks is preparing to cross.

The T-64 group is leaving reserves.

Turn of Bundeswehr.
Having determined the direction of the blows, the Bundeswehr regroups the troops for an effective counterattack. "Gepards" with the help of night vision systems cause a pre-emptive strike on Soviet infantry fighting vehicles, destroying one and stunning the two.

Forward, "Gepards"
Show them all our rage.

"Leopards - 2" did not get hit in the Soviet tanks, but were able to take a successful position for the subsequent shooting.

We will not fail, Commander.

No one came out of the reserve, waiting for the moment.

Second turn

Turn of the Soviets.
The Soviets continue to obstinately force the river on both flanks, another T-64 detachment leaves the reserves, this time fueling the central group. The infantry dismounts from the infantry fighting vehicle and approaches the church, trying to occupy the point. The Soviets fired at "Gepards" without result, but they competently disguise themselves and avoid defeat.

They are coming!
The Red Army is coming.

Turn of Bundeswehr.
"Leopards - 2" are rebuilt again, which apparently makes fire on the Soviets more difficult. The T-72 was hit by the infantry "Milan" from the chapel of the church, and many Soviet infantrymen were killed by joint fire of infantry guns and quick-firing cannons of "Gepards." Reserves did not come out.

General view of the end of the 2nd turn.
Gutted Soviet infantry.
Thermal imagers refused, Herr.
Burn, burn.

Third turn

Turn of the Soviets.
The Soviets continue to think of a non-stop offensive, even the almost destroyed infantry gets into operation and bears destruction to the forces of the FRG. Efforts of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and infantry killed the calculation of the infantry "Milan", and two "Gepards." From the reserves came the last group of T-64 on the left flank and anti-tank "Storms". They are at the maximum speeds for the night put forward, trying to support the offensive. The Soviet infantry was entrenched.

The results of the Soviet attack

Turn of Bundeswehr.
The reserve of the Bundeswehr is attacked by air force and the group "Leopards -1". The situation in the church area becomes critical and "Leopards-1" are urgently transferred here, as well as part of the "Leopards-2". "Gepards", extremely at risk, try to get the T-72 off the flanks, but do not succeed in shooting.Infantry achieves hits from hand grenade launchers on infantry fighting vehicles and disables them. "Leopards - 1" destroy two T-72, showing miracles of accuracy in the prevailing conditions. On the right flank of the Soviets, the Bundeswehr is not very good - the departing planes meet the dense fire of anti-aircraft machine guns and one of them falls in a flame, the remaining one does not achieve anything."Leopards - 2", the corrected aiming systems achieve hits, but the Soviet tankmen are lucky - the shells do not penetrate the targets. Out of the ambush "Jaguars - 1" with the support of "Leopard - 2" destroy one reconnaissance BMP.

Blow from the air.
Self-destructive maneuver
We answered the call.

Fourth turn

Turn of the Soviets.
BRDM-2 leaves the Soviet reserve, advancing to the central bridge, the T-64 detachments, taking up good positions, begin an artillery duel with the "Jaguars-1" and "Leopards-1", destroying one "Jaguar-1". Antitank "Storms" are moving closer, hoping to enter the position for firing "Leopards - 2". The detachment of the BMP retreats from the battlefield. "Gepards" miraculously survive under the fire of infantry and tanks of the Soviets. The German soldiers, realizing that the Soviets are gradually exhausted, keep to the last, preparing for a counterattack.

The Jaguar is on fire.

Turn of Bundeswehr.
On the fourth move of NATO, finally, the dawn comes, and apparently perceiving it as a sign from above, the Bundeswehr begins a powerful counterattack. Out of the reserves come out reconnaissance vehicles and a battery of rocket artillery. "Leopards - 1" are running through the vineyard, temporarily disabling two T-72s. LARS effectively cover the detachment T-64 on the right flank of the Soviets with a rain of mines, linking its movement. The plane that flies up is knocked down, and it does not have time to help the ground group. Joint fire of "Jaguars - 1" and "Leopards - 2" manages to destroy the commander of the formation T - 64, one T - 72, as well as the reconnaissance vehicle BMP - 2. Forward "Gepards" tear to pieces the "Storms", which greatly facilitate the life of "Leopard - 2".

General view of the end of the fourth turn. Part 1.
General view of the end of the fourth turn. Part 2.
The offensive of "Leopards - 1"
LARS arrive.
Right flank of the Soviets.
The death of the Soviet commander

Fifth turn

Turn of the Soviets.
Despite the huge losses, Soviet soldiers do not surrender, all tanks return to service - the left-flank tank group T-64 and T-72 destroy two "Leopard-1". The right-flank group T-64 and the surviving T-72 destroy the detachment "Jaguars-1". BRDM began to force the river. The Soviet infantry remains bravely on the battlefield, not bending down the heads under the fire of German machine guns.

The loss in the ranks of "Leopards -1"
"Jaguars - 1" under fire

Turn of Bundeswehr.
From the reserves comes the last detachment of reconnaissance vehicles. "Leopards-1" make a spectacular, but not effective, round of the T-72 group, without causing damage to the side armor, however, this error is quickly corrected by "Leopards -2", destroying the T-72, thus destroying the T-72 formation. LARS carry out futile bombardment of BRDM. The first group of reconnaissance vehicles, together with the German infantry, once again suppresses the infantry of the Soviets.

Maneuver "Leopards - 1"
Completed retribution
"Luchs" attack the infantry of the Soviets.

SIX turn

Turn of the Soviets.
The remaining formation of the T-64 on the left flank bypasses "Leopards -1" from the flank, but does not achieve hits on the target. The remaining T-64s process "Leopards-2" and the infantry in the church ineffectively. However, the Soviet infantry again rises from the trenches and with the support of the smuggled BRDM destroys one "Luchs".

Unauthorized bypass

Turn of Bundeswehr.
Survived "Luchs" immediately leaves the battlefield. Returned to the system "Leopard - 1" departs for the church, hiding from the fire T-64. "Leopards-2"complete the defeat of the Soviets, destroying one or two tanks in every detachments, forcing them to fail the formation motivation, as well as the infantry.

Destroyed central grouping T-64
Destroyed left-flank grouping T-64
The final position of "Leopards - 2"

Choosing from his battered "Werewolf" Wolf tried to assess the losses of the enemy and their own, as well as how long it will take to evacuate the wounded and damaged equipment. "Mauser," he said, "the message to the headquarters .. the enemy is stopped, our losses are the first two, a squad of jaguars, a reconnaissance vehicle, and most likely the flyers do not count up two, enemy losses, devil, many, not less than a dozen tanks and a platoon of infantry" ...

P.S. It was nice to go back to the third world war. Thank you, everyone who managed to read this, unfortunately my English is far from perfect, some photos came out not very high-quality, but the game was very tense and fun, which I wish all the rest! (I finally painted the army, hurray).

On guard.

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