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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Push them back to Bonn

Warsaw Pact
VS United States

Dancing In Berlin

Defender - the people of berlin

T-72M Panzer Battalion
Commanding T-72M
Kompanie of 3 T-72M
Kompanie of 3 T-72M
Kompanie of 3 T-72M
BMP-1 Mot-schützen Kompanie
- 10x MPi KM with RPG-18, 9x RPG-7, 2x PKM LMG, 12x BMP-1
- Additional AGS-17 grenade launcher 1x AGS-17 grenade launcher, 1x BMP-1
- Additional SA-14 Gremlin AA 1x SA-14 Gremlin AA missile, 1x BMP-1
4x ZSU-23-4 Shilka
3x 2S1 Carnation Artillerie Batterie

T-55AM2 Panzer Bataillon HQ
4x T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie
4x T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie
3x T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie

T-55AM2 Panzer Bataillon HQ
3x T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie
3x T-55AM2 Panzer Kompanie

3x 2S1 Carnation Artillerie Batterie
3x Spandrel Panzerabwehr Zug
BMP-1 Observation Post

Attacker - oppressing capitalist menace

2x M60 Patton HQ
4x M60 Patton Platoon
4x M60 Patton Platoon
Small M113 Mech Platoon
-Extra Dragon missile team
M901 ITV Anti-Tank Platoon
M113 Scout Section
4x M162 VADS
6x M109 Artillery Battery with laser-guided
1x Exorbitant amount of Coca-Cola and Capitalist Propaganda

Mission and deployment

Dust up in Berlin... Meeting Engagement and Deep Delayed Reserves for NATO, this was very much in my favor. He rolled for light conditions, hoping it would be night so he could use all his fancy thermal image stuff, but it was a straight up attack in daylight.

Even with half the division in reserve I was still going to have problem placing all the units down without being exposed to all his fire. I just accepted that I would loose some vehicles, nothing unusual.

Dust Up at the Berlin McPizza King

Starting with a full compliment of artillery on the table supporting a spearhead deployment of three M60 Patton units he made a effective fire corridor. I wasn't expecting many of the initial vehicle units to survive.

The Capitalists are Coming

The most obvious choice was to slap the infantry down first in foxholes protecting both objectives (not realizing how many they were it might have been an overkill - ed. no such thing) with two artillery units to start the game with a boom! With those I had to choose two units of tanks to sacrifice since I knew they wouldn't survive the US tanks, T-55's are a good, cheap choice.

I had the idea of making a road dash with the BMP's if they would still be around, there were just too (ed. so many) many of them...

Somehow they managed to line it all up

Battle is Joined

Not surprisingly the opening salvos of the M60 Patton's and M109 took out six BMP's and three T-55's (little less then expected) with no effort, but no unit was put below 50% thankfully. My return fire was nothing grand but blitzing BMP's managed to knock out two M60's on the overpass with missiles while the T-55's scrambled into firing positions but not hitting anything. My 2S1 Artillery took the advantage and took out one of the American M109's before it could fire as well as lining up smoke for cover, blocking one unit of M60's.

So much for the nice lineup
Counter-battery fire success! - wait... they didn't fire first? so, Preemptive Counter-battery fire?

That smoke screen didn't do much, the M60's just knocked out the rest of the T-55's without much effort. My BMP's ran for cover and the arty took out one more M109 and bailed another with observer assistance (medal for that OP).

Just get out of the line of fire!
"If we keep still they probably wont see us..."

American reinforcements! The VADS show up on the flank and in combination with M60 moving in from the forest rain hell on the BMP's, knocking out 4 of the 8 that are left. The BMP's cant even manage return fire, failing everyshot. The M109's wreck the Spandrels one and all, again they play no role in a game.

Volksarmee reinforcements! Tada! My T-72M's show up and with such pretty M60 behinds taunting them they smash up one of the Patton units.

"They see us! They See Us! Scheise!"

The Pattons quickly relocate to counter the T-72's, getting two, only to stare down the incoming wave of Pact tanks! They were so intent on getting there in time they forgot to aim though so nothing happened (Eight shots, four hits, three saves and one failed firepower! ARG!)

Pattons quickly react to avenge their fallen brothers
Just before another wave arrives!

The Patton's keep firing but there are just too many of them, knocking out two more, before succumbing to (finally) effective fire from the T-72M's. The M109's get the attention of newly arrived T-55's and make them self scarce after the fifth loss.

More tanks from Berlin!

On the reinforcing american flank arrives a unit of marines to join the fray but the infantry is so well dug in nothing much happens.

Marines bring try out their fancy guns against superiour DDR infantry to little effect

The M60's remount and relocate in last ditch effort to hold the objective against the tank horde, knocking out two more T-72's. ITV reinforcement mad dashing to there aid.

More T-55's arrive with Shilka support, knocking out the rest of the scout team and observer.

And even more tanks!

And the game ends with all american tanks and vehicles around the objective burning while the infantry holds the ground on the other flank. The People of Berlin are safe once more from the destruction of the capitalists.

Auf Wiedersehen Amerikaner! See you in Bonn!
A view from Berlin - our beloved capital

Victory for the people of Berlin!

I was pleasantly surprised about the 2S1 artillery, it performed admirably during the game, making the M109's copperhead strikes few and ineffective. I would not like to think how the game could have been with 7 turns of 6 laser-guided strikes.

Once again the tank horde makes the push and the infantry holds, just like it's suppose to be, very effectively. Still need to figure out how to use those BMP's, it seems such a waste to loose them like this.

The Amerikaner did an outstanding job in aggressive stance but succumbed to massive NVA reinforcements before the push went through.

I would like the thank the Amerikaner Gandri for an excellent battle and an entertaining day, always fun to see some new tactics and units being used. Until next time "Auf Wiedersehn!"

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