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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Hunting the Pack

West German
VS British

The Hunter becomes the Hunted

"We found them sir!".

To Hauptman Hans the corporal looked half determined and half concerened as he stood in the door way. The soldeir need not explain more nor did the Hauptman need to ask more. He knew what or who the soldier was referring to. The rogue British detachment that called themselves the space wolves. He did know what sort of drugs they took nor cared what caused them to go rogue. What he knew was that, they took out a West German unit. They might as well be Soviets. Hans slid back the slide of the Glock he was cleaning. Racked it a couple of times before inserting the magazine and racking it again. Time to get to business.

50 point quick game. We rolled the dice to determine what mission and got gauntlet. Never played this before but I think the Luchs will play a big role here.
My opponent's list. Sorry for the type-o "Let's go get em."
My first time to play a game without Leo2's.

The formation commander and the various officers were assembled in the room with the prevailent sound of murmuring and an occassional laughter. The noise died down as the Colonel in charge of the briefing walked in. "No need for formalities. Let's just get down to business. Two weeks ago one of our formations had an unusual encounter which turned bad when they took a lot of casualities from a rogue British unit calling themselves the space wolves.... DON'T ASK. And... a week ago Col. Steiner took out a British unit which was believed to be part of this Wolves. This led us to this town where our aerial recon units have spotted them."

"We will attack at 0600 hours." The Commander was now briefing his unit. "We would normally conduct a mission like this at dark but reports say the enemy spends the entire night awake and howling...and cursing profanities." He let the pocket discussions die down before continuing. " I will lead Talon 1 to location Zulu to secure our main objective. The Mayor's house is where they are holding the town officials hostage. We need them coz they can relay valyable intel to us. Sgt. Kurt the house is yours. You may pass by the armory to pick up some MP5s. I will lead the other platoon into the dormitory where we could get a good vantage point of the area. Talon 2 will led by Lt. Walter with his Leos to take out the enemy Arty position. We will spearhead in on command signal Red Alice. We will have air support but we will only call on them when needed.... Any questions?"

"Sir?" Raised the hand of one helo pilot. "Can we blitz in?".... "No."

The enemies morning banter failed to disturb those who are now sound asleep. Just out of earshot, they were unable to hear the "thumps" of suppressed sniper rifles taking out their sentries.

German attack with the Luchs leading the way.
Fast.. Aggressive... and violent.
The opponent's split deployment allowed the attack of one side with little fear of the counterattack.
This remaining chieftain is later on destroyed by the leo1s.
The British shoot while their mech infantry charges to try to contest the objective. However, their shooting was ineffective.
Helos arrive to enjoy the scenery.
infantry occupy the house near the objective effectively holding it.

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West German


  • Terror says:

    @kubikhan hahaha that would be interesting though I dont make these as fast as i wish I could.

  • Kubikhan says:

    Sorry I missed this one earlier, as I love your reports. Do you work on commission?;)

  • Stone says:

    As always, love these AARs. And congrats on pushing forward the cause for the Fatherland.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    interesting report, i like the comic effect, congrats on the victory

  • General POTUS says:

    Very well presented AAR

  • Terror says:

    Thanks guys. I have the rematch batrep coming up. Though making that might take another 2, if not, 3 days.

    Yes WJ.Tagz is registered and I hope my opponents post their batreps so I can link. I also have another battle with another British player and my report is done. I just waiting for him to register so I may properly publish it. Lack of Warsaw Pact player activity here.

  • Cryofrost says:

    another excellent Batrep Comic. and funky looking rotor blades on those PaHs.

  • PEIPER says:

    Once again Terror you wow me with your usual comedic style. Well done and congrats on the victory!

  • recce103c says:

    another excellent Batrep and Comics

    hefty an close fought,

    nice terrain – congrats to keep Germany clean

  • Colonel Ivon-a-drinksky says:

    HAHAHAHA, excellent report. Loved it. Gives me so many ideas.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Those weird tanks are back again…

    Is err… Brother Tagz… subscribed to the Campaign? Perhaps a little word in his shell-like in the briefing room might help matters here.