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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

First blood in the campaign

Warsaw Pact
VS United States
Super Quench

The Soviet armor struck against the Americans. The M-1’s are tough, but they were also newly painted so we expected to do well. The curse of freshly painted figures is to die gruesomely at the first chance, you know. T-64s and BMP-2s againt the M-1s and some infantry in a quick mission Annihilation battle. The terrain for the battle lead to close engagement ranges and let us get into short range where our numbers told. Apologies if the pictures turn out a bit fuzzy, experiments with low light settings looked good on the small screen but didn’t translate as well as I might have hoped to the uploads. And now on to the report!

The Americans deploy under cover.
The Soviets ready the charge.
The Soviets get the first turn and move forward!
The first shots bounce off the M-1 armor.
One M113 burns, our shooting is not very good this turn.
Return fire bails out several T-64s (yellow chicken markers!)
M-1s move to the flank.
The business end of the motor rifle company moves on the Americans.
One M-1 burns under concentrated 125mm fire.
The Spandrel fire only nets a bail. M-1's shrug off the rest.
The M-1s on the flank get two kills from the forward company, while some of our infantry die.
The American tanks shoot and scoot back, while their infantry gets ready to fight.
The Spandrels get a kill....
and cause the other M-1 to "chicken out" and flee the table.
The motor rifle company closes for the kill.
Meanwhile the T-64s take out the rest of the American tanks.
The Soviet charge has overwhelmed the Americans. Good armor saves and concentrating force on their smaller units has won the day.

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Warsaw Pact