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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Tonnerre et éclair, très effrayant

West German
VS British

Today, mama just wanted to kill a man, which put Hauptmann Mutterlieber in a really awkward position...

(This is part of a local tournament I played in, and the mission was Bridgehead with me on the defense)

Something something all men are untidy swine (my army sans FV432s and Mortar Carriers)
Obviously hers



HQ – Leopard 1
HQ – SLR rifle team(allied)
2x FV432 Mech Platoon
3 Leopard 2(ambush)
4 FV432 Mortar Carrier


3 Leopard 1
2x2 Luchs
6 Gepards + 2 Redeye teams


HQ - Chieftain w/stillbrew
3x3 Chieftain w/stillbrew
4 Abbots
4 Harriers
4 Rapiers(excluded)

Le table
Reflective pink countermeasures on standby


My deployment
'Ere we go


Mutterlieber must have made one bawdy remark too many to the wrong person. He still couldn't tell if it was real life or just fantasy as he was confronted by a wall of glossy baby blue tanks in a not-so-friendly 'training exercise'...

(My opponent kept pelting me from a distance while using blitz moves to slowly shuffle forward every turn. My response was to do nothing for 3 full turns while waiting for her to get closer. My reserves all ran off to hide wherever they can while I delayed the arrival of the real unit that mattered, the Leo 1s as long as I can. Meanwhile my first unit of Luchs tried to do damage to the Abbots but failed and got blown to bits.)


The long minutes of waiting dragged on forever as Mutterlieber waited for the British to slowly creep forward towards his positions. He had been forced to jump from ride to ride as each vehicle was in turn smothered in glittered by the Chieftains' guns. The time had finally come for him to reveal his surprise gift...

(My plan was for a double whammy between the Leopard 2 ambush and the Leopard 1s showing up on the flank of the Chieftains, but the Leopard 1s ended up on the wrong side of the table thanks to Scattered Reserves and a mistake with mein own mines made me unable to do the same with the Leopard 2s)

You're not supposed to be on this flank, you idiots!

(Things start finally getting interesting on Turn 5 onwards. She kills 2 of my Leo 2s due to exposed flanks but in turn exposed one Chieftain unit's flanks to my waiting infantry. The surviving Leo 2 sticks around, while the Chieftains in turn evaporate under the touch of Charlie Gs. Ultimately the requirement to get within 8" of an objective by turn 6 or lose does her in. Her CO and friends get mobbed by Gepards and Leo 1s while the one unit that can make it within 8" falls in close assault)

One mistake begets another
La fin

Mutterlieber could hear the high-pitched screaming coming from the OPFOR's command tank even from nearly a kilometer away. It turned out there was just no winning today. Mustering his best poker face, he hopped out of his 5th consecutive borrowed ride and marched across a field full of 'casualties' to what might be his doom

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