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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Welsh Cavalry advancing thru Hamburg North by North East

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VS Warsaw Pact
Red Bear
Royal Hawaiian Gamers SALUTE O report

“Enjoy the music”

Slow March Welsh Dragoons

Welsh cavalry Crest

Royal Hawaiian Gamers SALUTE O report

Size= 35 points
Activity = Quick Mission, Bypass, I was attacking
Location = Hamburg Operational area, Hamburg Theater
Unit (Mine) = Alpha Squadron of Queens Dragoons “Welsh Cavalry”
Time (Date of battle) = 1100 30 March 2018
Enemy = Elements of the 14th BTR-60 Regiment of the 1st Motorized Rifle Divison Red Bear
Outcome = I won 6 - 1

I was able to control the North route and passed most of the force to the North by North East, forcing what was left of the 3rd Battalion 14th BTR-60 Regiment to turn to the east.

It was reported that the 20th Brigade of the 4th UK Armour Divisions advancing from the South first engaged and then destroyed the 3rd Battalion 14th BTR-60 Regiment forcing it to retreat North were we ran into them.

What was left of 14th BTR-60 Regiment was destroyed when it was taken in the flank by the advancing 11th Armour Brigade of the 4th UK Division!

Winner! 6- 1

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