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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Brothers in Arms(Dolch)

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Peacekeeping contingent in the Congo. Date of formation 01.01.1984, number of the resolution of the UN 545.
Tasks – the separation of the conflicting military groups in the newly flared Congo civil war.
Commander – Colonel of the Bundeswehr Phillip Dolch
Composition – two tank, two infantry, and one reconnaissance battalion allotted from the Armed Forces of Denmark and Germany.
The unofficial name – the battle group “White Elephants”
17 August – the day when they appeared in Europe.

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The following describes the battle of 2 by 2 players. Me and Wolf against Red-batya and Andrey.
Total Army list 280 from each side.
This Report about my unit.

The time is 22.00 p.m.
Date – 21 August, NORTHAG HQ, Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia.
Colonel Dolch and Hauptmann Wolf discussed the plan for an operation to take control of the prison for "Prisoners of War" in Brandenburg.
- Look, here is the main object. Said Hauptmann Wolf. - this is the area of the old city converted to prison buildings. It was bombed at the beginning of the war, but the prison is still there. The intelligence of the Bundeswehr reports that all the captured NATO servicemen have been recently taken there. -
- Good. - Colonel Dolch answered and after words of intelligence glanced sideways at his wife (also Colonel Dolch) sitting in the form of an army intel and reading some kind of report next to them. - You found this place Wolf, you and be senior in this operation. -
- I do not have a large group, we are very exhausted by fighting. What forces will you take with you? - Wolfe asked.
- All i have. - simply answered Dolch.

The time is 18.00 p.m.
Date – 22 August, near Stendal, Brandenburg warzone
"Captain Prost, you and the Gepards, Rolands and the infantry squad advance forward with the forces of Captain Wolf, I'll hurry the others and we'll join you as soon as possible."
Heard Captain Prost shaking in moving to fast(in his opinion) command M109.
However, he asked the commander of the column over the radio.
"Hey, guys, can not we go even faster? These fucking communists have captured my friend, and I'd like to start shooting them right now! "
"Unfold your howitzers." We arrived. " he heard in response.
"For the work guys!" shouted Prost in the radio to his platoon turning in the field and with drift unfolding a multitone artillery vehicle. "Let the "danse macabre" begin!"

Captain Prost, as a senior officer at this time, deployed his M109 and began to command.
The first platoon of infantry took the gas station.
And his Marder's were directed forward in support of the tanks of Hauptmann Wolf.
Gepards with the recon squads of the Battlegroup Wolf went to the reconnaissance of the railwaystation.
"Sir, there's a bunch of Soviets, what should we do?" a message came from them. "Do not panic, Wolff is a plan how to contain them." come back.
In the meantime, the Marder's moved forward.
And their guns quickly destroyed a platoon of BRDM recon.
Meanwhile, the second platoon arrived on the battlefield and its transports quickly led the infantry forward.
In the meantime Gepard's went on reconnaissance to the railway station.
"Damn, here's a squad of Shilk's in ambush, the first tank is on fire." heard Captain Prost on the radio.
"Coming to the rescue. Moving to them from the flank," radioed the first platoon of Marder's.
"Gepard Leader here. We will manage ourselves." The commander of the Gepard say on radio, and the guns of his platoon simply shredded the enemy's vehicles.
"No problem guys." There's plenty to shoot. " answered them the commander of the first platoon of Marder and his unit quickly shot a detachment of enemy Spandrel.
Meanwhile, the twilight finally settled on the battlefield.
"Wolf, we arrived." Colonel Dolche reported when on radio, under the guise of twilight, both his Leo-2 detachment broke into the battlefield.
Not having received a clear answer Colonel led his tanks forward to cross railroad. "We're going to the station." he says again in radio.
Meanwhile, the second platoon left its Marder's and saw that a handful of Soviet infantrymen were left to live on the hillside, which was cut by artillery.
"Forward guys, show them how we can fight!" The sergeant shouted and led the platoon into the attack.
But in return they got furious Russian who fought like mad. And having suffered losses, the second platoon of White Elephants rolled down the hill.
And at this crucial moment behind the Soviet positions, the engine roared and two detachments of tanks went out onto the battlefield.
The first detachment of the T-72 brought fire to the tanks of Colonel Dolce.
The second detachment of the T-72 began to fire at Hauptmann's troops Wolf.
But the sturdy armor of Leo-2 saved the colonel's tanks from penetrations.
The colonel confidently led his tanks forward, bringing down the fire of his guns on the T-72. On the left side of his tanks were blocked by the house, and the weak mobility of the T-72 would not allow them to easily bypass his Leo-2 from the rear.
And the weak armor T-72 could not stand mass fire and Soviet tanks began to explode one after another.
Meanwhile, on the right flank, the infantry began to face big problems in the form of several T-72s who resolutely moved towards them.
The sergeant tried to shoot from his Panzerfaust but a bullet from the T-72 machine gun struck him in the arm and shot missed.
"We retreat." he shouted and the detachment of infantry quickly ran away from the advancing tanks.
"We have too many wounded." Reported the Milan gunner dragging a wounded sergeant. "Get yourself into Marder's and retreat. We've had enough of the dead heroes." Captain Prost answered him on the radio. And the second platoon of infantry hastily left the battlefield.
On the left flank the Soviets continued to arrive and a new detachment of Soviet tanks breaking the fences approached through the village.
"A little bit back guys" commanded the colonel on the radio, taking his platoon back and transferring the fire to new enemies.
And taking advantage of the excellent German technology and excellent thermal imagers, Leo-2 continued the terrible harvest by destroying more and more tanks of the Soviets.
The second platoon Leo-2 methodically finished the detachment T-72.
Еhere was a critical situation.
Enemies began to press harder. Enemy tanks were on all sides.
But Colonel Dolch commanded the unit of the best of the soldiers of Europe. And his fighters perfectly coped with the most critical situations. And now they were cold-blooded fighting burning more and more enemy tanks.
On the right flank, Leopards-1 took advantage of the darkness to enter the flank of the T-72 detachment and new bonfires made of steel and oil flamed on the hill.
But the Soviet soldiers were not going to surrender. And the colonel saw the lights in the sky. "Damn, helicopters, all of you get ready for an air strike." he shouted into the walkie-talkie.
The helicopters fired rockets, and the second platoon received a series of direct hits. One tank broke out like a fire and two simply smoke and the colonel will see with relief how the crews leave the damaged tanks.
But a new detachment of Soviet tanks arrived on the right flank.
"Colonel, these are their last reinforcements as recon reports. Kill them and battlefield will be ours. " heard Dolch messages from Hauptman Wolff on the radio. And he quickly moved his tanks to the right flank, ignoring enemy helicopters.
Roaring by motors, white Leo-2 went into the flank of the enemy T-64 and opened fire.
And together with the detachment of Wolf Leo-2, the Dolch tanks in a minute shot all the last reinforcement of the Soviets.
Meanwhile, white Gepards, together with Wolff's anti-aircraft infantry, were finishing the Mi-24 squadron.
The Dolch tank rammed the damaged and smoking BMP of the enemy and the colonel in sight saw how an lightly armed squad of soldiers beat out of it. "And here is their commander." the colonel snapped angrily and his gunner killed them all in one burst of machine gun.

The time is 22.00 p.m.
Date – 22 August, Stendal, Prison for military personnel, Brandenburg warzone.
Dolch stood by his tank and happily sees how his liberated officers go to him.
- Irwin, I'll see you grew fat in captivity. It's worth leaving you for two days as you are already falling into some kind of shit. - Dolch remarked maliciously.
- Colonel, you have no idea how glad we are to see you. - Captain Irwin replied with a smile on his bruised face.
- Did the Soviets beat you? - the colonel was angry.
- Not much, all within the conventions. - Irvine waved away. - What about Sergeant O'Donovan?-
- Ohhh, do not worry, - answered the colonel. - They took him to the hospital just now. Hearing the beginning of the battle, this not-assured Irishman began to capture the prison hospital. And almost coped with the protection of the arrival of our infantry. -

A group of Bundeswehr soldiers quickly joined the colonel, along with Hauptmann Wolff.
- Colonel, what's going on? Why do we have a large group of NATO forces coming here? Are they going to go into a breakthrough here? But why now? - asked Hautmann
- Oh my friend Wolff, it's because we were fucked. - phlegmatically replied Dolch.
- What does this mean? - Asked Wolf, surprised, - we have achieved success, the prisoners are released. We won! -
- Undoubtedly. And the NOTO forces got a breakthrough where the Soviets do not expect them. - Donch answered.
- But where did the headquarters know? How did they manage to prepare everything behind our backs? - asked Wolf
- The answer is simple my friend.- Dolch smiled - Remember who brought you to me. -
- Your wife? But she's just a colonel of intelligence. - Wolf said
- Yeah and senior analyst of the UN Security Council. And as I suspect the high-ranking operatives of the CIA. - said Dolch and climbed onto his tank. - do not worry the Wolf, when she does this with men she does it gently. -
Wolf stared at Dolce with shock. - But you're married! How can you treat each other so cruelly? -
- Only when you are completely confident in your partner. - answered Dolch. - Let's go home, I can find something than smooth out your sadness. -

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