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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

NATO Reversal. When YOU come for Stasi.

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

When everything is lost, and the special agents from secret police(creepy STASI) grab you and drag you to prisons, all your hope for the coming of the WHITE ELEPHANTS!

The time is 12 p.m.
Date – 17 August, (2 days of landing attempt of 2 divisions of the US Marine Corps in Hamburg)
Location – CENTAG Mobile HQ, Bamberg, Bavaria.

- General,- Colonel Dolch asked slowly, "do you want my guys to make a 400-kilometer march under the command of your fellows, broke into the outskirts of Berlin, and then they released someone from STASI prison?"

- Yes, Colonel,- Lieutenant General Robert Wetzel said. -I just do not have anyone to do this.-
- It's a suicidal mission, General.. - Dolch said thoughtfully.
- Yes, Colonel, and I can not order you but just ask.- The American general nodded.
- But this will bring victory closer? - explained Dolch.
- Undoubtedly, these subjects are very important. - resolutely said General Wetzel
- Then why are you still giving me the route?We can talk about all the other unimportant details after the war. -

The time is 6 a.m.
Date – 18 August,
Location – 5 k.m. from Dahlewitz, the southern outskirts of Berlin.

"Lieutenant, apparently Volksarmy already knows that we are here and their unit is moving directly to our target." - Lieutenant Olsen heard on the walkie-talk a report of leading recon group.
"Hell, I think we've run into complete trouble," he thought looking at the map of the operation location.
- Captain Jones, or whatever you are. Take your rangers and move right to the target. We'll go to them in the rear and distract ourselves. - he said on a walkie-talkie to the captain of the American army who commanded this operation.
- Roger, are you sure you can handle? - Olsen heard in response, - I think your tanks are not equal to the tanks of the Communists. -
"Well, we'll see about that." "Olsen said decisively," we'll see... " -

Two companies Leo-1 barely managed to enter the town when a group of Volksarmy tanks appeared on the highway from Berlin.
Volksarmy tanks increased the speed until the artillery took the nearest hill.
"Damn," Olsen thought, "they rod right through!"
Volksarmy tanks flew into the bridge and immediately opened fire.
And a second later Olsen heard the explosion from behind the house where there was a tank number three, and communication with them was lost.
- Damn we lost the third - Olsen heard a radio message from Lieutenant Krista, commander of the second platoon.
- Everyone retreat into the town. We'll arrange an ambush there. - Olsen ordered both platoons by the radio. - they are better trained than regular Communists - "We will try to destroy the Artillery" came a message from the recon group.
- Jones, how are you doing? Olsen asked on the radio. - We reached the prison, assaulting. - Answered the commander of the rangers.
Olsen waited tensely, his crew and crews of the remaining tanks froze in anticipation when enemy tanks appeared at the intersection. Hanging in the hatch Olsen clearly heard the sound of their approach. - As soon as they appear, open fire. -
Meanwhile, the group reconnaissance going through the field was bombarded by the last tank stopped on the bridge.
The first recon group was joined by the second and start approaching the artillery position to.
And a group of enemy vehicles underwent fierce shelling from the first recon group, and both armored Volks cars flamed on the road.
Meanwhile, Captain Jones's rangers finally broke into STASI prison. Jones led two platoons with a glance when they broke the doors and rushed inside the building and turned to the AT group. - Guys, take a position next to the road. Our German friends may need your help. -
And in a minute everything went wrong. "Shoot!" acrylic Olsen realizing that it is already late, when two enemy T-72 abruptly moving backward, crossed the intersection.
And at the same time fbehind Captain Jones M113, suddenly collapsed concrete wall, and enemy tank began passing through it.
- They are around us - heard the shout of the commander of the leading tank Olsen. And turning around he saw how the enemy tank approaching them from the rear. Enemy tanks opened fire and Olsen lost his wingman whose tank flared with tongues of flame.
The battle has turned into chaos. Olsen moved his tank backward toward the new enemies.
Tanks of the second platoon rushed ahead reducing the distance that would make a sure shot.
But then the foresight of the captain of the rangers worked. Since the enemy tanks turned their backs on them.
And two AT teams did not disappoint their captain. Armed with special "Dragons" so similar to conventional, their missiles were significantly more powerful. And calmly taking aim they shot.
German tank crews did not understand what caused the detonation of two of the three Volks tanks, but they co-fire finished off the last.
Meanwhile, Olsen was able to bring your tank against the enemy and his gunner successfully hit him in the frontal armor.
Near the artillery position, recon teams successfully broke through to the artillery and opened fire at point-blank range.
But the soldiers of the Army Volks were not going to give up.
Two BRDM rushed to the rangers transports and opened fire on them.
And under their fire, m113 was held for a few seconds. Despite the fact that their shooting did not break through the frontal armor, both m113 blazed from the penetration of fuel tanks.
A lonely Soviet tank tried to open fire on the remaining tanks of the second platoon, but the skeletons of the burning T-72 prevented him from accurately aiming.
And Olsen saw with horror another two T-72s rising from behind the hill.
And the first shot of them completely jammed the turret of his tank. "Abandon tank!," shouted Olsen, getting out of the hatch and starting to pull out the deafened gunner.
The fate of NATO soldiers hung on a thin thread.
But the rangers have already found their target, and throwing it in m113, fearlessly they jumped out on the BRDM lifting the misile launchers..
And after two well-aimed shots the problem with the BMP was solved.
Meanwhile, the tanks of the second platoon come closee to two T-72s.
"Shoot them under the belly." Lieutenant Krista commanded, seeing that the tanks were out on the hill. And the accurate shots of his crews immediately struck both T-72s
Behind their platoon appeared the last enemy tank. But again the second platoon was lucky, and the enemy missed.
Lieutenant Krista with a battle cry, turning his tank to enemy and together with the second tank they rushed to meet the enemy without stop shooting at him. And the enemy tank turned into a fiery fire.

After 10 minutes quickly bandaging the wounded and arranging them and foot soldiers on and on the tanks the group moved away.
- Hey, the Ranger. Thank you. You covered our asses. - Olsen said, shaking in the jam шт full soldiers M113.
- You were great," Jones said. - You really are cool guys. Although your white tanks look not appropriate in this war. -
- Believe we know what we're on. Our tanks will be white. 37 countries gatherd in our unit. And we will safely carry our flag and our uniform for fear of the enemy. - Said Olsen resolutely. - The Soviets must know for sure that the whole world is fighting against them. -

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