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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Es ist ein Schnitter, heißt der Tod.

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Es ist ein Schnitter, heißt der Tod, – He is a reaper, he is called death.
German folk song from XVII century. Video attached below.

The time is 9 a.m.
Date – 18 August,
Location – CENTAG Mobile HQ, Bamberg, Bavaria.
Colonel Dolch was examining the report of the mayor quartermaster Bock with undisguised irritation.
- Fröken Bock, you want to say that we have only two serviceable Luchs? -
"That's right," the quartermaster answered. "Unfortunately, we constantly lose them for enemy fire." Although the hulls themselves are almost not damaged, but the motors are all under replacement. -
"Very well, Major, I will try to solve this problem." replied the colonel.
And after 10 seconds a loud roar of "Nielsen! To my tent!" spread over the camp of the White Elephants.

The time is 5 p.m.
Date – 18 August,
Location – CENTAG Mobile HQ, Bamberg, Bavaria.
- Colonel! I found them! - Nielsen ran into colonel tent, and stumbled fell on colonel desk.
- Well, I'm not really me, but Catherine is from the radio intelligence group.- He blurted out. - In the evening, the soviets will transport the captured engines seized at the factory warehouses. And I even know where we can intercept them! It's not far, almost on the front line!
The colonel slowly got out from under the table where he dived to save his folding photo frame with photos of his wife and children.
Soooo .... And apparently there will be a certain number of Communists?- he asked thoughtfully.
- Yes sir.- Said Nielsen cheerfully.
- Run to Captain Irwin and say gather up " Kampfgruppe Old Elephant", today I personally lead you to fight! I will be in ten minutes, first i need visit American commander, he owes us a favor.

The time is 9p.m.
Date – 18 August,
Location – Small railway station near Ebersburg, crossing highway 27 and 279
"To all the detachments, we have very little time. While main US forces creating distraction for our breakthrough, we must get to the station, intercept the train and capture the engines to retreat. Judging by radio interception, the Communists are confident this is a deceptive maneuver and their main forces are abstracted in another sector. "
The Colonel informed the radio to all the detachments and rapidly moved his tanks forward.

Approaching the station, Colonel Dolch divided the troops, sending Lieutenant Nielsen with the infantry, bypassing the station on the side of the railway.
The colonel himself led a group of four tanks and an anti-aircraft cover directly over the village to the station.
Meanwhile, the infantry of Lieutenant Nielsen approached the station from the other side.
- Forward! - Colonel and commanded his tank broke through the hedge and broke into the small courtyard entering the flank did not expected that the Soviets..
The rest of the group followed him moving forward.
- Sauke, what are you doing? - Captain Irwin shouted into the radio when his tank trying to follow the colonel's tank through hedge, crashed into the third tank of his platoon. - Forgive me, the tank is completely new and still badly controlled - followed by an answer. But unfortunately the tanks already lost speed and got stuck in the hedge.
"Damn these tanks, I'm afraid we're stuck here." reported to the Colonel's the Jaguars squad commander.
- Guys! Our enemies Communists and not trees, enough to ram them, and let's go ahead! - Colonel commanded on the radio while his tank opened fire on enemy BMP.
"They just hate plants." - sarcastically remarked Captain Prost on the radio and his artillery freely settled on the hill opened fire on the station building.
The Soviet commander did not lose his head and a second detachment of BMPs appeared from behind the buildings.
Fortunatly for White Elephants Gepards and Luch's crew's, the gunners of the BMP could not take clear aim? and missed. And enemy shells and missiles from two BMP units missed.
- We are under fire, taking casualties. - gloomily reported, commander of an infantry platoon, sergeant O'Donovan, on the radio. When the Soviet infantrymen opened fire on his platoon and the first shots hits second Milan team.
- Do not stop, press them! - strictly commanded the colonel and his men continued to advance resolvly.
- fucking forest, damn commies ..... - Jaguars commander swore when his tank finally broke through the trees, though the other two tanks still could not pass him.
The recon group moved to the flyover and two and saw two enemy BMPs that turning turrets to them.
- Too slow – grinned, commander of the recon group. And fire from Luche’s autocannon’s broke two BMP into flaming pieces.
Meanwhile, the tanks were able to pass through the hedges and already three tanks began to destroy enemy BMP by shooting.
BMP blazed in the field and in the forest and among the buildings. "Donovan, how are you?" Dolce asked on the radio.
But at that moment Sergeant O'Donovan was very busy. Taking advantage of the fact that the artillery pressed the soviet infantry with his fire, his platoon went to the building preparing pistols and grenages. .
Grenades piercing the glass flew into the station buildings and their explosions were supplemented by the cries of wounded and dying enemies.
Nevertheless, the Soviet machine-gunners snatched their bayonets and boldly rushed into the battle! ! And a couple of O'Donovan's soldiers immediately received blows from these deadly blades.
But jumped on the street Soviet determined their fate, a few shots from the pistols and all the communists bleeding blood, fell at the feet of the O'Donovan platoon.
- Come on guys, occupy the building! - shouted O'Donovan, running into the building and starting to prepare his missile to fire.
And at that moment a group of T-72s jumped out from behind the forest, and on the edge of the forest, having discarded the masking, the hidden Spandrel appeared.
The situation became threatening for the White Elephants.
One of the tanks immediately fired a shot into the house that had just been occupied by O'Donovan's infantrymen and several people fell to the floor, wounded with fragments, with shouts.
The Spandles shot and two Gepards start burn after getting critical hits in their big turrets.
"Faster to intercept," commanded Dolch and his tanks moved quickly to intercept enemy tanks.
"Ready to shoot" - reported on the radio two tanks from of Jaguars platoon. From the third, only swearing was aired.
- Colonel, as it is not very cozy for me to support the infantry here. - reported nilsen looking as the T-72 turns the turret in the direction of his Marder.
- Set aside the panic Nielsen. - Colonel commanded shaking from the recoil from the shooting. And T-72 fires burned on site before the station.
Twilight fell, but the battle did not stop.
From the west Dolch heard a howl and the colonel recognized the sound of the attacking Su-25. "Air alarm!" he shouted into the radio.
And in the east tree T-72, moved in the top of the hill.
And with the first volley they shot one of Leo-2.
The night not only prevented the Gepards from intercepting the Su-25 on time, but also prevented the planes from hitting targets and the two planes passed over the Dolch tanks and disappeared into the night.
"I do not want to rush you gentlemen, but we running out of time." - with cool calm the colonel said in the radio. He led his tank to the bridge to occupy a dominant position.
"These assholes will answer for all to me!" - shouted O'Donovan and throwing Milan on his back and picking up his pistol, he led the remnants of his platoon to the remnants of the Soviet infantry.
Covered by the night, they ran to the house and O'Donovan open the window and began to shoot the Soviet soldiers who did not expect this, from his pistol. In seconds everything was over.

The battle for the station was almost won.

Meanwhile, the Leo-2 began to fire at the T-72 on the hill, blast them from one to another.
rom the west, new Soviets units began to appear.
The newly arrived T-72 began to fire the stuck Marder and quickly knocked him down.
- Hang on guys! - said the colonel on the radio and his tank aft crawled out onto the bridge and opened fire on the T-72.
Again the howl of engines rang out and again the pair of Su-25 went to the white tanks.
But luck was on the side of Dolch and his people. And the missiles of the aircraft passed by.
А few more shots and the third group of T-72 was flaming along the road.

The colonel having positioned his tanks on the bridge approached Nielsen, who was arguing loudly with the train driver which they had stopped 5 minutes ago.
-What's problem Nielsen?- asked the Colonel.
- Sir, this is not a communist, but a civilian prisoner from DB. He says that we can not unload the trains and just move two kilometers to the north and get branch line to Stuttgart.
- So what's the problem? Dolch asked in surprise. - Why steal the engines if you can steal the whole train?
- But it's dangerous!- said Nielsen.
- Nielsen, it's always dangerous to fight communists. But I prefer a couple more battles with them than upset fröken Bork. Load the wounded on the train, the tanks will go right after him along the railway tracks.

The time is 9 a.m.
Date – 19 August,
Location – CENTAG Mobile HQ, Bamberg, Bavaria.

Colonel quietly slept in the commander's seat of his tank, not having gathered after returning to the camp to get to their tent. And at that moment he was awakened by a knock on the hatchway. Dolce jumped up and hit his head on the hatch in anger opened it.
- WHAT?! - hi shouted to mayor quartermaster Bock which stood on the hull in front of the turret.
- Colonel! You are urgently summoned by General Wetzel, and the united headquarters and our command from the UN. - she answered smiling.
- Um, why? - The Colonel was surprised and slightly embarrassed.
- Because you made a mistake and stole the wrong train. But for its cargo we are promised not only new engines, but at least a tank regiment and an aircraft carrier in addition! - she said happily - Come quickly, otherwise they all come running here. -

fröken(Swedish) - miss (title of respect for a young, unmarried, woman)

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