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Firestorm: Stripes

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Setting up a graveyard

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Harald Knauer

Setting up a graveyard

SSG Stryker was angry. Again. His subordinates felt like his mood would never change, but they thought he had to be the stereotype of a member of the USMC. Even angry when everything was fine, just because it was fine. But his skill in combat was undisputed.
The company had made a retreat from the Hamburg theatre southwards to join with the british forces in the Lüneburger Heide, where they could make their repairs and prepare for another attack on the north german city of Hamburg. But in war, things never happen as you plan them. So it was this time.

The losses of the last battle against the east German foes where just about to be fully replaced, the company with it's US Army companions in their M247 AA tanks had taken position in some woods near the german town of Celle. Some of the younger Soldiers soon got interested in some of the famous "german Fräuleins" their grandfathers told them of. But war does not care for such things, as did the east germans.

The INTREP about their apearence came early this day. Some of the Force Recon had spotted them north near the city of Bispingen, heading south. On this way they would make contact with the Company in about an hour or a little more. The platoon commanders gathered at the tent of the company commander to receive their orders, and soon after they rushed out to give them to their platoons.

Let them come!

The US forces had all the advantages on their side. They had cover, they could hide their M60A1 tanks from enemy fire, they had even laid out some mines. So they would remain static for this battle - learned their lesson from the last battle where they got beaten up badly because their where too aggressive.
CiC and his 2iC positioned their tanks in some wheat fields on the right flank of the battlefield, just behind the mine fields. In the central woods stood 2nd Platoon with their M60A1 tanks, carefuly using each bit of cover they could. Their guns would be able to fire on each flank this way.
The Force Recon Scouts in their HMMWV vehicles where positioned in the back, to make use of their TOW. The TOW HMMWV platoon covered the left flank with a clear field of fire in front of them, but hiding their sides due to the (evacuated!) buildings in their right flank.
The LAV platoon would assist them by using their 25mm guns to repell enemy attack helicopter if needet.
The US army guys in their M247 AA tanks where positioned behind the 2nd platoon in the woods, to cover a large area on the battlefield with their mighty anti-air guns. Surely they would scare the enemy pilots!

A good firing position.

The enemy approaches


The enemy T-72 tank companies appeared in a solid line formation behind some woods, and tried to cross this in their first movement step. Three tanks including the bataillon commander broke down their tanks while trying and had to be left behind for the moment. This reduced the enemy firepower - good for the USMC!
During the first exchange of fire the T-72 managed to destroy one of the tanks of the 2nd platoon and bail out another one. As soon as the danger was over, the crew headed back into their tank and gave blood revenge to the NVA tankers.
It was nearly too easy, and the gunners of the M60 felt pity for the crews in the T-72. Even more as 1st Platoon joined in the slaughter and showed off from their ambushing position and shot another volley into the enemy companies. At last the TOW joined in, destroying another tank. The whole woods the east germans had choosen as their firing position was filled with smoke - making a funeral fire for the crews of destroyed tanks.

The forest is on fire.
Pulling off the camouflage nets from their guns, 1st Platoon joined in.

HINDS in the sky.

While the left flank stood firm against the enemy fire, on the right flank the enemy helicopter where engaging the 2iC, hitting his tank and penetrated the armour of the vehilce without destroying it. But the young 2nd lieutenant who was just promoted as 2iC was too shaken, so he headed out of his tank in un-manly panic and staid in cover. His crew unable to convince him to get back to the tank and fight.
To cover the CiC and his paniced apprentice the M247 rushed out of the wood with guns blazing at the attack helicopter in the sky, and teared one of them apart. The burning wrack crashed down on the ground, and catched fire immediately.

Forcing a HIND to land - the army-way.


On the left flank things looked good for the marines. They took casualtiies, but repaid the east germans more than evenly. The line was holding, and the enemy ran out of guns. The enemy commander decided to stay in the forest, hoping that the cover would save him some tanks for a charge. But he underestimated the ability of the marine tankers to fire accurately at them. So he had to suffer additional losses, making the situation nearly hopeless.
His last attack helicopter was ordered for an attack on the TOW HMMWV on the other side of the battlefield. These where a threat to his forces in the open, so it was worth the risk. But the LAV crew was already prepared for them, firing on the HIND on it's approach. One of the bullets of it's 7,62mm MG penetrated into the inside of the helicopter, killing or wounding the pilot and this vessel also crash-landet right in front of the TOW HMMWV. Some spectators of the scene reported about the promise of the HMMWV crews to pay the drinks of the LAW boys on the next opportunity.

Enemy Heroism

As things looked utterly grim for the NVA forces, their commander raised his banner for a unified germany, and ordered a heroic charge on the lines of the marines. Even the battle hardened US tankers paid respect for this decision, but also prepared to bring his attempt to a fiery end.
The last T-72 tanks rushed out of the woods, and on to the position of the 1st Platoon, trying to avoid the fire of the TOW HMMWV as good as they could. The following firefight was tough, but in the end the remainder of the east german force was knocked out before penetrating the US lines.

On the right flank a single surviving T-72 of the east germans turned his vehicle and left the battlefield. The CiC decided not to fire on this guys any more and left them the honourable retreat.

For a united socialist germany!
Prepare for knife-fight!
Sole survivor - maybe this would become the story for an east german movie?

5- 2 major victory for the USMC

This was bloody. I tried to stick to cover and use my Accurate special rule for the M60A1 and it worked this time. I also got good support by the dice of my opponent, whose frustration about the game I can understand in every way. The battle was more than tough for him from the start on, and things got worse while he was rolling his dice.
On the other side where my dice more than grateful. I made a lot of the 6 armor saves, and rolled very lucky for hits and firepower (i.e. the 6+ firepower check for shooting down his second HIND). Also the pure amount of firepower the M60 brings to NATO players is a game changer in my opinion. The tank is cheap (4 points each) fires as well as the M1, is hit as hard as the M1 but lacks the armour. But you can easiely field up to ten or even more if you want to. This way it is able to mimic the hordes tactic of the WARPAC players and give them a hard time facing you.

I absolutely salute to Harald Knauer for his decicion to fight the battle until the end, even under given circumstances and can understand his frustration to the very bit. Often enough I am in exactly his position, and if you are playing a game you simply can not win - it will become hard to keep on playing. But he did and I am thankful for such a opponent! For all of this reasons I am proud and happy that his battle report of this battle has been chosen as one of the featured this week. Please check it out and rate it gratefuly - it is worth the time and more than worth the guy who wrote it. On top of this he is the one who takes the pictures of my battle reports as well and he pepared them (because I lack the skill). The gaming comunity needs more of this guys!

Thank you for reading. And now on to the next one :-)

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United States


  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Well done on your battle. Keep it up.

  • Oxford says:

    Thank you! But without Harald Knauer as my opponent nothing of this would be possible! On top of his performance in our games he is the one with the camera AND the skill to prepare our pictures!

  • Nabeshin says:

    These are some really nice reports you’re pumping out. Say, you should try your hand at some narrative writing, there’s an extra star rating in it for you 😀

  • recce103c says:

    Tough battle and excellent terrain and pictures

    Loved your AAR well done

    congratz on the win Recommended

  • bayankhan says:

    Tough battle

  • PEIPER says:

    Wow I love the way your pictures look and the result of this battle. Good report overall and congrats on a Major Victory!

  • Harald Knauer says:

    Nightmares for weeks to come. 🙁 Still, well played and a deserved win!

    M. Nisbet: I use a GIMP project file with several layers for background, terrain pieces, grid etc. I took all the available BF-terrain top-down photographs and put them into the correct scale. If you’d like, I can upload the file, so you can create your own maps (or pre-plan table layouts). This can consume a bit of time though, beware!

  • Blondie says:

    Good win and great AAR for the crayon eaters. See you in Berlin for beers

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Congrats on the win, glad to see you pulled it off this time, those M60’s do look mean, I am very temped to get some as allies for my west germans

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Excellent job. What do you use for your battle maps? We currently just snap a pic from above.