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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Bloody normal day in Frankonia

Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv
VS United States
Der Scholinger

Flo and me had a very Close wednesday evening match.

We rolled “Free for All” with me as the attacker. Point Limit was 75.

My force:

1x Command (BMP-2)
1x Infantery company (9x BMP-2)
1x Infantery company (9x BMP-2)
2x Gopher
5x T-64
4x Hinds

US forces:

1x Command team (M113)
1x Full Mech. platoon
1x Full Mech. Platoon
3x M106
4x Vulcans
2x ITV
2x ITV
4x M1
4x Cobra

Soviet forces
Flo's US forces
The battlefield after deployment

Turn 1:

Flo won the roll and so he started. He moved his M1 Forward and killed 4 BMPs with deadly shots. His infantery tried to dug in but failed.

My Forces pushed forward. My T-64 dashed along the right edge. I hoped to kill some Cobras with my BMPs (I did not!!!). Not good for the T-64...! My Hinds fired their rockets at the infantery but did not range very well.

My BMP were not succesfull! They hit 2 Cobras but Flo saved both...
This was just the start... who wants to ride in a BMP?

Turn 2:

The M1 moved behind some Wood to open fire on my T-64. The vulcans moved towards my Hinds. Then the M1 and Cobras fired and destroyed 3 T-64 bailing another. Good for me, that the T-64 destroyed one Cobra with AA fire. My roll for morale was succesfull. The Vulcans did not do one scratch to the Hinds.

My Hinds flew immediately from one side of the field to the other aming at the M1. The M1 fired their 0.50 cals at them, without effect. The Hinds destroyed one M1 and bailed another. My BMPs missed the vulcans completely... at this Moment I said already good bye to the hinds. My BMPs killed one Cobra with their rockets.

My Hinds should move away fast... some vulcans were hanging out not far

Turn 3:

The bailed M1 Crew decided to stay under their tank. The cobras moved on the right side to attack my infantery in the Wood. 9x M113 and one mech. platoon fired on the BMPs and killed 2, bailing 2. The cobras and his mortars destroyed 4 infantery Teams. The M1 could not penetrate the T-64s armour. The the Moment was there... the vulcans opened up on the hinds. After thousand of rounds just one Hind exploded. To much luck for me to be honest.

My T-64 stayed and fired on the M1 bailing one. My infantery moved towards the mech. platoon and killed two Teams with AK-74 fire. My surving BMP on the left flank destroyed two vulcans with Missiles. Then my Hinds finished the M1. The right flank was open and nothing between my T-64 and the mech. platoon contesting the objective.

My poor guys...
The fearsome vulcan... :)
My BMPs getting mauled badly
My infantery on the left flank pushing forward

Turn 4:

The M113 and the two remainig Dragon Teams destroyed 4 BMPs. The mech. platoon, Cobras and the the other M113s destroyed 3 infantery Teams and pinned the Company. The vulcans the fired on the Hinds again... guess what happend! Nothing again. Then the mech. platoon charged but lost three Teams from defense fire and was also pinned.

My infantery rallied and moved towards the battered mech, destroying all Teams with AK fire. platoon. My infantery in the Center destroyed the vulcans with well aimed shots. The Hinds killed another vulcanm but the last one was brave and did not run.

To much attention for my infantery
Bad idea... the US lostb three teams to defensive fire.
My survivers killed the US boys quick

Turn 5:

The cobras and ITV went for the Hinds... yes... and did not scratch them. Also the the Dragon Missiles were fired on the hinds without result. The remainig M113 killed tow infantery Teams on the left flank.

My T-64 pushed into the infantery making them run. So my BMPs and T-64 were Holding the objective now. The Hinds destroyed the last ITV and the my other infantery Company took the objective on the other side. So it was a lucky 6:1 victory for me.

My other infantery company pushed through the centre of the table without losing one team
The Hinds wrecking carnage
Something US infantery do not want to happen... T-64 push into the americans
Left flank is secure
Right flank aswell

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Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv