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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Angels in the Sky

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Major Beaver
VS Warsaw Pact
Red Alert


Overview map.

The Russian high command sends even more troops into Leipzig, in an attempt to push out the US forces. But my valiant company is send to assist our allies. once again facing my nemesis Red Alert.

Armies and Deployment.

My Company, with air support.
The Russians that need to be stopped.

This time I chose to drop my beloved Chieftains, in order to get the points for a maxed out Air support.

Red Alert had his trusted BMP2s with Infantry and Hinds and icing on the cake was 3-T64s.

Deployment and objectives.

In Hasty Attack, the Attacker get to remove one of the objectives he placed after the defender (me) has finished his deployment. This meant that I had a Mech platoon dug in on the left flank with no Objective to defend. I had Deployed them close to their transports FV432 so they could mount up and rush to defend the centre objective. The Russians had their eyes set on my right objective and went all in deploying everything on that flank.

I had chosen to begin with 2 Mech platoons and my scorpions in ambush and my 4 Lynx with the plan to use the infantry to defend the two objectives and the Scorpions to stop the BMP2s and use the 4 Lynx to take out one Hail (coursing them to hit on +1 when only 2 shooting) and then concentrate on the Shilkas opening the way for my Harriers if I could hold out so long.

The Battle Begins

First movement.

The Russians push hard towards the right objective and sending the BMP2s and Shilkas to intercept my 2nd Mech platoon.

An undefended objective.

With the Russians attacking, heavily outnumbering my troops , I fear my company will fail in stopping them. In an attempt to take of some pressure on my right flank, I send my 2nd Mech platoon to capture the undefended objective on my left.

First blood.

The combined fire from the 4 Scorpions, Lynx and mech platoon kills 4 BMP2s and a Shilka, bailing a few others.

Burn baby burn.

Red Alert gets reserves and call up his Hinds. My nightmare enemy unit. With the orders to finish of my Lynx, they move in for the kill. But HURRAAA no kills, just 3 hits, with 2 saves and a failed firepower. Maybe my Choppers can fulfil their mission before they must retreat.

My Lynx get a surprise.
Trouble in the making.
Run forrest. RUN.

In my following turn I manage to pin the Russian infantry, and the Brave 2nd Mech platoon arrive at their destination. But as they dashed, they need to hold on for another turn to claim victory. Well aware that the Russians will get some reserves (turn 3).

End game

Russian Reinforcements arrive.

Red Alert chooses his 2nd Infantry platoon to arrive from reserve, to challenge my brave 2nd platoon. Because off my placement of the FV432 the Russian infantry can't get all troops close enough to the objective. there a 4 stands of Russian infantry contesting.

Now or never.

In the enemy shooting face I loose 3 infantry stands, including my HMG and all 4 FV432. It now looks difficult to kill 4 Russian infantry stands.

Angels in the sky.

But luck is on my side. In my first turn rolling for reserves, I get a platoon. I chose the Harries and my luck continues, so I roll 4 and they arrive. In a blaze of cannon fire they swoop in, killing 4 stands leaving 3 for my infantry. My troops are in positions to assault, but with effective shooting they wipe out the infantry causing the BMP2s to withdraw leaving the Brits victorious.

Russian troops retreating out of Leipzig.

After thoughts.

Once again Red Alert and I had a great and fun battle.
It is amazing how much better my list is, when I leave out the Chieftains. As many people before me have said, the MBT are just too expensive or too soft skinned. But I really miss them when they are not there. My Lynx´proved very difficult to kill in this game and tired up the Hinds just long enough to let my Mech platoon siege the day.

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