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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Recce wrecked in Brandenburg

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VS Warsaw Pact
Tovarishch Vilgelm

We had played first 3 quick missions, of those left bridge was out so it was Recon in Force. Tovarisch V. won the attack die roll and also chose the theater – Brandenburg. I set the table up going from the map my opponent drew up. It was not clear if the table corners chosen had to be opposite – based on the scenario map we played it that way. It also was not clear if we were to use spearhead movement. The ‘Deployment’ working was a bit different. So we set up.

MAP used

We had agreed to bring ‘recon’ forces I had just got my Medium recce formation models put together and base coated and wanted to see them in action. They were backed up by a Mech formation. Enter Queens Dragoon Guards.

Looks kinda Austrian.

After we had set up we realized the game was over. The mission allows one side to deploy first and the victory conditions are triggered on the first turn. We thought maybe you were not supposed to use ‘Spearhead’ and set up accordingly. It was clear this was silly and the game would again end without a shot fired start of turn 2.

The Lynx are actaully Hinds.

At this point we modified the scenario to change the victory condition to the start of turn 3. Pact still would go first. We also alternated deployment.

Turn 1 Pact actually passes most bog checks and advances taking both the center and one other objective.
I gave center stage to the Recce (Queens Dragoon Guards) in their debut who moved forward, taking 2 objectives but bogging down several vehicles. Shooting was not effective - a Scorpion killed a BRDM. The Chieftains hit one T64 but shot bounced. In their debut both Strikers missed the T64s. I was able to get the infantry of the QDG support platoon (4 stands) positioned to move into the building. This would make the center objective contested next turn.

1 BRDM killed

Turn 3 As the Pact occupied 3 objectives the game was over. Losses were the Chieftain platoon and two inf stands. Pact has lost the Spandrel platoon, 1 Hind, 2 T64 and 4 BMP2.
After the game we realized that we had forgotten that objectives not in the deployment area count as 'units'.

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Warsaw Pact
Tovarishch Vilgelm