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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


VS Warsaw Pact

My last tournament game was against a very friendly guy with a very good looking US Army (the painted bit that is!). However, to ease the pain of the Soviet audience here I "persuaded" him into playing into the famed Skorzeny like commandos with captured equipment that was once fabled on the forum.

This is what happens when the Volksarmee gets the wrong propaganda tape...

The desert camo left the infiltration forces SLIGHTLY conspicuous...

We got Dust up from the table. As the infiltrating, sneaky, devious Maskirovka adept he was, my opponent tried to play a night fight to make the most of his thermal equipment to my IR tanks, but he roll on the table brought a full sunny day. Undeterred, he left his infantry sitting on the objectives while his Aufklaerungs pushed towards my reserve quarter, bringing the huge tanks with them.
I used my own recon to have my infantry occupy the buildings across the half table line while an impressive line of Chieftain squared off the puny armoured cars. What could possibly go wrong!?!

The thick blueish line

My opponent got the first turn and advanced cautiously with the recon units while the tanks traded long shots with my Chieftains to no effect. That is, until I fired back, nailing one (firing with 5 to 1, what did you expect!?!).

At his point he went in a complete panic and retreated with the tanks (probably fearing from the Oberkommando lest he brought back the precious captured vehicles), bogging one. My excitement was veeeeeery short lived as the missiles fired by the recon units blasted 2 Chieftains with the third failing the morale check. And that was only turn 2...
My Scorpions repositioned themselves to scare the puny scout cars but decided not to fire to avoid being exposed. The 2 HQ Chieftains had a golden opportunity to bring the bogged tank down, but my opponent drew the save and I rolled a 1 for firepower! The embarrassment.

The armoured spearhead retreats.

The surviving M1 remounted and fled to avoid being overrun by my reserves, that would turn up soon. the scout cars redeployed to avoid coming under the attention of the Chieftains and Scorpions, but a deft Blitz move put a few in my line of sight underneath the bridge, causing their destruction.
My tanks did turn up and nailed the second Abrams from extreme range, but the last one passed the morale check. Meanwhile my Scorpions got rid of the last armoured cars.

Flanking force

My opponent got three reserves but he failed to blitz them on the table, so they couldn't fire missiles at the HQ Chieftains in the open. An infantry stand was killed and two Scorpions bailed, but that was it.

My tanks redeployed to return fire and knocked out the high ROF buggies so that the infantry could assault them later on.

Infantry doing a triple threat assault, bagging AA, recon and mortars in one fell swoop!

Time was running out so I pulled out some really fancy moves. I destroyed the last Abrams from extreme range and my infantry advanced so that they could assault three different units. Firing on the move inflicted a couple of bails but that was all I needed to clear the entire table quarter of enemy forces.

On the other side, I threw caution to the wind and assaulted the infantry that was holding the objective. My tanks survived the LAW rockets, killed three stand and forced the Dragons to flee. I had started the turn on the objective and that gave me a very hard fought win - the first time in my TY experience with three different assaults.

The coveted parking lot is finally ours! Let's hope the film hasn't started yet.

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