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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Ruhr Action near Hoxter

VS Warsaw Pact

And todays contenders!!!

3 Coy 1 BN Irish Guards VS. That damned old same MRB AGAIN!!!!

Our initial dispositions. 1 Plt was deployed in and around the church with 2 Plt to our left dug in on the objective. RA was behind 2 Plt with the FOO in the Church Steeple with a crank phone to the track!! ( yes I know no rules for it but common sense has to prevail at some point!!!)

Sir, after yesterdays fight we were able to consolidate and make good our losses with the Dragoons again. I must say thought hey are getting stretched a bit thin!!. We moved Northeast again after relief in place by 17/21. We did a night march and recce and found the bridge and ford as the intel boys briefed. we were able to get our initial force in and dug in before daylight and managed to get a few winks before we were alerted to the arrival of the MRB by tank noises! The Amor moved down the road towards 1 Plt and managed to gain the bridge and take 1 Plt under fire killing the damn Mortar team AGAIN!!! I cannot find anyone to take that damn thing anymore as it is cursed!! The MRC on our far left moved up into a wheat field along with a Storm Plt that had just showed up. The MRS fired their Spandrel's at the church tower killing the FOO. Damn the luck!! We returned fire on the tanks scoring hits but with nothing to show for it. The RA Abbots fired at the left MRC but did no damage.

Ivan managed to call up his Scout Plt as well as a Gecko Battery??? Not my plan!! he Storms on the left fire at the Abbots bailing only 1 of them. Soviet fire is of no consequence and did no damage. The Scimitars from the Dragoons pop their ambush and attempt to take the woods facing the Storms after Ivan moved his MRC off to the right. Only two managed to get into firing position as the others bogged down in the undergrowth. But all is good as the two engaged the Storms killing two and bailing out the third one causing a morale check! The Abbots self spot and fire on the MRC that moved from the left side destroying a BMP along with it's charges. The Storm passes his moral and decides to stick it out.

Ivan moves his right most MRC up the road at dash speed to get them over the bridge. he last Storm remounts and engages the Abbots killing one. 1 Plt is engaged by the T-64's who kill a LAW stand in the church.


10 Troop and our MCT's arrive in the correct location at the crossroads behind the church. The MCT's take up a blocking position on the MRC in the town and engage the BMP's killing 2 and destroying a stand of infantry. The Chieftains blitz on and move up to engage the T-64's killing one. The Dragoons manage to get a Scimitar unbogged and into the woods with the rest of the troop. They fire on the last Storm killing it. The Abbots fire on the T-64's and the MRC there doing no damage.

The MRC on the right side moved their infantry into the builds to their left across from the church. The BMP's move up and fire at the MCT's killing one. The Scouts fire from the back and bail one of the Chieftains. The 432's of 2 Plt previously moved up the road to distract the AAA that showed up there and were shot at by the AAA killing 3 and bailing the last two. amazingly enough they pass their moral!! The 4 Coy Milan Plt arrive and take up positions where the Dragoons were as the Dragoons moved out of the woods and started a move to their right to cross the ford. The MCT's shoot at the BMP's again killing 2 more and bailing one causing a morale check which they fail. 1 Plt engage the MRC in the building killing one stand and pinning the Plt. 10 Troop shoots at the T-64's killing 2.

MRB Commander concedes the the battlefield!!!

Battlefield Flyby!!!

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