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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Expand the Ruhr Bridgehead

VS Warsaw Pact
Andy Johnson(Star_Colonel)

We left the battlefield set up from the previous night intending to tear it down and going back to a smaller board. As there were only 3 of us that showed up all day we decided to leave it and go at it again!! We did a 2v1 35 point apiece NATO vs a 70 point USSR MRB. My Russian opponent had to concede when HOUSEHOLD 6 called recalled hid to the house!!!

Where we not just here??

Initial set up.

As we the Irish Guards had just been here and had to hurry back we fell into our old fighting positions for the most part. We were an Inf. Plt short and would get no Air today! So with that we detached our Rapiers back to the Brigade. My American counterpart decided to set up in the open around the right objective. As he had only 5 Platoons he was spread very thin!!

Opening Salvo

The Tankovy move up to flank the US Mech on their right side. The center MRC move up to the left flank of the US Mech Platoon and the left MRC debusses their infantry and then move up to engage the US Mech killing a SAW team and pinning the platoon. The far right MRC along with the Shilka Platoon move up our right flank.

The US moves their 113's up and around to engage the BTR's in the center. The US Inf. unpin, fire on and bail one BTR. The M-60's fire on the mass of BTR's in the middle and kill 3!Irish Guards 2nd Platoon fire their Charlie G's and get a BTR while bailing 2 more. The GPMG's centered on the hill in between 1st and 2nd Platoon open up on the infantry in the open concentrating fire on the 2 Spigot team's killing both and pinning the Company!

Of the left most BTR's 2 unbail and the MRC unpins. The MRC on the right flank moves to the middle of the field in the open while the Shilkas continue on. The left BTR's move to assault the US Inf. The T-64's shoot and kill 2 of the 113's. The Storms hiding at the back of the battlefield fire on and kill a 432. The BTR assault was beaten back when they had 3 BTR's bailed on their run in!!

US got their first reinforcements!! Humvee's with TOW's came in and took up positions behind some woods in their deployment zone. The British also sprang their ambush as the Scimitar troop came out of hiding along the flank of the BTR mass in the middle! The British reinforcements of the MCT platoon cross country dashed from the extreme left of the backline to get into position to later engage the T-64's. The Scimitars drew first blood killing 1 and bailing out 4 BTR's. The Humvees fired on the T-64'2 killing and bailing another. Right most M-60's shoot and kill 2 Shilkas on long shots and the other 2 M-60's kill another BTR. The IG fire Charlie G's and kill another BTR of the left most group who fail their moral and scuttle. 1st Unit down!!

The End is Near!! Quite literally!!

The right MRC moves up to assault the US Inf. Ivan moves his Shilkas up. The T-64's move to the left for shots. The Shilkas unload on the 113's killing 1 and bailing the other. The 113 platoon fails moral and chuffs it!! The Storms shoot at the M-60's killing 1. The BTR's finally assault the Inf killing a Dragon team and forcing the platoon off of the objective but only 6 inches back in total!

Brits get their last reinforcements as both the Milan Platoon and Scorpions come on. The Milan's blitz on the board in front of the T-64's at 10 inch range and fire on the tanks killing 2 and bailing the other 2. The Scorpions move out to engage the center BTR's. Scimitars fire at and kill 4 more BTR's who fail their moral check and flee also. The M-60's fire on the bailed -64's killing them!! The GPMG's open up on the Inf along with the 432's who are in their flank killing 3 AK teams, 1 RPG team and the PKM team!

This is the point Star_Colonel's wife called and we had to wrap it up. We had Locked down one objective and contested the other with little hope of the Soviets getting it back Andy conceded the game. This was the US players first game of TY!! He is looking forward to the 3rd phase of the Campaign should it come!!

This is my final BATREP for this Campaign!! I want to thank my normal WP opponent Andy who really took it on the chin in this Campaign! I also want to thank The British Command and especially the Combined NATO Command for their guidance. I would be remiss if I did not mention all of the hard work that BF and the guys at BoW put in to make this all possible to begin with!! Lastly to all who read this it has been a pleasure taking to the field of battle with you all and I look forward the next Chapter of this with you all!!

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