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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

A unlucky evening near Hof

United States
Der Scholinger
VS Warsaw Pact
nikolai Zhukuv

This Wednesday me and Nico decided to play a little 75 Point game.
We rolled for the Mission and it was a Free for all with Nicos russians as attacker.
I was hopeful to win this game with the support of my newly painted two Cobras.

My plan was to defend and let the russians come. I wanted to destroy the enemy tanks early in the game with the cobras and ITVs.
Then I would rush for the objective with my own tanks. My Infantry meanwhile should hold back their communist counterparts.

The Russian Force
My US Force
The Field of glory
The Set-up with the US Boys on the left and the WP at the right side


I won the roll for the first turn and started with my M1's moving towards the field left of the village followed by one of the ITV platoons, the other moved on the parking spot of the Aldi market.
Both infantry platoons tried to Dig in but failed. Meanwhile the US Tanks opened the fire and blowed up 4 BMPs on the hill.
The Hinds headed to the right attacking the infantry but missed. On the left the T-64's rushed forward hidden by the woods. The BMP's at the windmill swung up their guns...
...and missed the Cobras totally.

HINDS incoming
Russian tanks rushing forward


The russians did what i accepted and coming, all right thats good. I decided to build up pressure right away and moved my M113's forward to attack the BMP's at the field on the right flank. In combination with the Infantry and the Aldi ITV's 4 of the BMPs remained as burning wrecks and another was abandon by his crew. The M106's killed three Infantry teams of the company in the woods.
The Cobras targeting the T-64's but before their rockets could hit one of the helicopters went down burning after a hit of the selfdefense Machine-guns.
Then the first T-64 explode and then another and another after the M1's opened fire too.
A fourth T-64 remains bailed out but the communists refused to run away.
At last the VADS moved towards the HINDS but the only two AA Tanks in range missed the helicopters.
And at the left side one more BMP was killed by the ITV platoon behind the field.

The lucky HINDS moved on the left side of the village and attacked the M1's, killing one and bailing another. At the windmill the BMPs again fired at the Cobras destroying one this time. Nearby the only active T-64 missed his US counterparts.

YES! I love the smell of burning BMPs at the evening
The poor T-64's had a hard time
The US right flank
Hm first losses by the HINDs


NOW it was time to get those HINDs the VADS only had to turn their guns.
They opened fire and scored 17! hits! BUT....
...obviously something was wrong with the ammunition. Only a single HINDs was destroyed.
Thats dreadful.
But not enough that the HINDs still there the M1's only bailed another T-64.
My last two Cobras moved to the left flank. Together with the M106s they destroyed three Infantry teams.
The M113's and the Infantry again fired at the BMPs but only could destroy two of the transporters and bailing two more.

Then the hellish HINDs were in charge and in combination with the only active T-64 they totally smashed the M1's left only burning steel. OUCH! The BMPs killed two of the VADS. At last two of my infantry teams on the right were shot down by the russian infantry nearby.

Only 1 HIND gone after 17 Hits!
All M113's attacking the BMPs on the right flank
Russian infantry in a intense firefight with the GIs
The M1's had to pay for the inability of the VADS
Russians everywhere


That was a horrible last round, now I had a hard stand. I saw my chance on my right flank, if i could break the communists there I could possible reach the objective before my left flank will break.

But it started worse, the remaining two VADS were unable to harm the HINDs, again. The ITVs missed the T-64's completely. On my right flank the M113s destroyed two more BMPs the last one decided to better left the battlefield. The cobras together with the second M113 platoon, the Infantry and the M106s killed five russian infantry teams and pinning them. PUH thats good. Then my Infantry charged their communist counterparts...
...but in defensive fire i lost three teams leaving my mech. platoon pinned down.

The russian helicopters attacking the VADS destroying one and bailing the last. At the middle the infantry blew up the ITV platoon behind the cornfield. Finally the WP infantry on the right charged my badly damaged infantry platoon and killed the last teams leaving the objective wide open.

Get them
5 more teams are gone
a failed charge
ITVs are gone
The demonic HINDs raging
Now the russian infantry charging
My right flank is history


The dice gods left me, the attack on the right flank was a total failure.
This game was lost for me.
My last M113 platoon shot at the russian Infantry near the right objective only killing two teams. That was not enough to break them. The last VADS remained bailed out. My Cobras rushed towards the HINDs but are unable to penetrate the soviet wonderarmor. The same happened to the infantry on the left and ITVs in the middle. These HINDs were unbeatable.

In return the HINDs blew up the ITVs, the soviet infantry took the objective and bailed two M113's. Finally the T-64's charged the US Infantry on the left and forced them to retreat.

The game was over.

Cobras against Hinds
The M113's couldn't break the infantry
The russians took the objective
These Hinds were unstopable
Second objective in soviet hand
A last view on the right flank
and the left flank

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