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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Counterattack at Hof

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United States
Der Scholinger
VS Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv

It’s friday and now started in the Stripes Campaign. We diced for the mission and it was a Counterattack with me as a attacker.
I decided to play a tank Company with support of Infantry, Cobras and ITV’s. You can see the Armys on the photos below.

I hope you enjoy our first Battlereport.

Set Up:

Nico placed his Storms and his Artillery at his Missionobjective and a platoon of T-64 in the Middle.
I decided place the bigger M1 platoon behind the Village with my M109 platoon behind. My other M1 platoon started left of the village together withe the Scouts and the Infantry platoon.

Turn 1:

The Battlefield with me on the left and Pact-Troops at the right
The US Set-Up
Set-Up of the Pact-Troops
A full view before the game starts

Turn 1:

My US-Boys moved forward, the bigger M1 Platoon rushed to the left behind the factory building. The ITV's moved into the small wood, but one become bogged down. The other M1 Platoon moved behind the wood right of the village together with the Infantry. The M109 fired some rockets and killed one of the T-64 in the middle. The M1 with the CC destroyed two of the storms which decided to better leave the fields of Glory.

Then the soviets reveal their ambush directly beside the M1's on my right flank. Together with the other T-64 platoon in the middle they managed to kill three of the US-Tanks, the CC was afraid of such a firepower an retreated.

US movement
First blood
The first M1 Platoon is history, UUUURRRGGGHHH

Turn 2:

My remaining M1 platoon moved out and tried to kill the T-64's in the middle but were only able to bail one. The rest of my army opened the fire on the ambushing T-64 killing there of them and bailing one.

In return the T-64 in the middle killed another two M1's with their ugly monster guns. The other T-64 moved towards the infantry gunning three teams down and the killed one in close combat. The infantry decided to better fall back.

The fired shells only scratched the amour to the soviet tanks
A lot of AT21 hit the T-64's
The poor infantry :(

Turn 3:

The remaining M1's moved to the wood left of them trying to hide behind them. This was the the only moving on US-side this round. The Cobras together with the ITV platoon the scout ITV and the artillery again fired on the T-64 platoon on the right. They bailed three of them which was enough to force them to retreat.

Now the last T-64 platoon (3 Tanks) arrived at the field and immediately attack the M1's. Another one was killed, the last one gave up the game and left the Battlefield.
To put the crown on the whole thing the T-64's in the middle blasted the M109 platoon away.
The situation became increasingly worse for the US Army.

Finally the T-64 platoon on the right is history
Pact reinforcements arrived
...and take out the the last M1 platoon
Another unit gone

Turn 4:

The remaining infantry get up and rushed with there M113's to the factory building.
At the village the Cobras and the ITV's opened fire on the T-64 platoon in the middle killing one of the tanks. Meanwhile the Scout-section hastily rushed towards the WP objective.

The last reserves of the soviets arrived. The russian artillery hit the M113's but without any effect (The artillery was unable to cause any damage during the whole game).
The T-64's totally missed the ITV platoon which still hided in the small wood behind the village.

The US troops were forced to hide
A desperat try to capture a objective
Another soviet reinforcements arrived

Turn 5:

My scouts still rushed forward but without any hope of success.
The Cobras and the ITV platoon killed another T-64 in the middle and bailed one more.
Behind the factory the infantry left their APC's to set up a defensive position.

Now the Communists closed the trap. The small T-64 platoon killed one of my brave ITV's and together with the BRDM's forced the Infantry to retreat. On the right side the the M113 of the Scouts was blasted away.

The Cobras and ITV's killed together with the M109 platoon 11 T-64. The M1 none!
The last line of defense.
Finally the ITV's take losses
With no more troops in good spirit and without my CC the game ends with a victory for the Pact

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Warsaw Pact
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