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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

The Grand Finale 2 - Grand Finalier

Warsaw Pact
VS United States

US attacking
Conditions: Dawn, battling through darkness until bottom of turn 5

Opponents force - US
My force - Soviet
My force - deployed

Soviet forces deploy all units with one unit, 3 BMP-2, held in ambush and 4 Hinds loitering off table. One company of T-72 deployed in woods on far right, the other is deployed behind factory. Soviets get five minefields, using three to create defensive line on left, and two to restrict access to concealing terrain on right. T-64 unit sits in tree line along road. This layout gave US force little access except to approach from right. Infantry is in foxholes on objective on this side and will put up tough fight to hold it.

A10s attacking

In turn 1, US A10 kills one T-72 and US Cobra kills another. Abrams tanks move up but still beyond visible range.

In Soviet half of turn 1, BMP-2 ambush is deployed in center tree line and hits one Abrams; US rolls successful save. sA-13 Gophers destroy one Cobra, and Carnations range in on 3 M113, hitting and bailing one.

Turn 2: T-72 company destroyed

Turn 2, Abrams move up on tank company and attack with Cobra support. Result is five kills and first company lost. A10s attack Gophers scoring one kill. The surviving Gopher fails morale and runs. BMP unit shrugs off 14 shots from Abrams and VADS, taking only one hit.

Soviet artillary range in on 2 Abrams and destroyed one, while Shilkas (in far right of field, far from the fighting) are forced to withdraw.

Turn 3: Abrams attack infantry unit

In turn 3, Abrams tanks turn to attack infantry, killing one team. Two additional infantry are killed by M-109 artillery. Four Abrams tanks assault remaining infantry units. They survive but are forced to fall back, but still contesting objective. A10s attack Carnations, bailing two. They remount in their turn.

BMP-2s withstand 21 shots from VADS, with only one bailed. Abrams also attack BMPs and kill two. Remaining BMP fails morale and is destroyed.

Carnations bail one Abrams, and T-64 kills another.

Abrams assault infantry in turn 3
Hinds attack US artillary

Soviet half of turn 3, Hinds attack US artillary. One Hind is destroyed by VADS. Hinds destroyed two M109s. The sole surviving M109 fails morale and runs.


All remaining tank units advance toward contested objective: T-72 Company across open terrain, and T-64 unit along road.

Turn 4, US break the back of Soviet forces. Two Hinds are destroyed by VADS, and last Hind fails morale. Cobra destroys one Carnation; Abrams destroy another. Last Carnation fails morale. US infantry destroy BMP-1 Observation Post with a LAW, and Abrams destroy one T-72 and bail 3.

In the Soviet turn, 8 tanks fire on US forces. All miss.
Sorry, no photos after turn 4. The carnage was too much to bear.

Turn 5: US Cobra destroys one T-72, Abrams destroy two and bail two, and US Infantry destroy one T-64. Abrams destroy another T-64 and bail two more. A10s bailed the Battalion Commander, while Abrams mount final assault on remaining infantry. Two infantry are killed. Sole survivor falls back then fails morale check.

Daylight finally breaks at the bottom of turn 5. T-64s, three are still active, destroy one Abrams. The T-64s proved many times to be hard to kill, and other than the Battalion Commander, are all that remain active going into turn 6.

Turn 6, US: A10s kill the Battalion Commander, Cobra kills one T-64, and ITV kills another, giving US the victory. Another hard fought battle where darkness may have played to the US advantage, but the aggressive attack was probably the main key to victory.

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United States


  • Nabeshin says:

    An impressive display of force, but unfortunately those night turns went on for a bit long. Good game.

  • DeltaRed58 says:

    recce103c: I think 92G is still working on his photos. Please watch for his report, it should be a good one.

  • Victor says:

    A10’s and follow up of eight Abrams at night, that looks bloody terrifying , well fought!

  • recce103c says:

    Hairy battle Comrade,

    I think I saw the pictures somewhere else, but there is no link (yet) to 92G?

    May the force be with you!

  • bayankhan says:

    Sad result, but press on. Nice report

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Another tough and hard fought action Comrade. Hold strong, regroup and hit them hard in Berlin!

  • Red Alert says:


    An honest account, 8 misses, fortune does not favor you.

    Learn you lesson and stop them at Berlin – Delta Red 58

    We cannot afford mistakes at this point!

  • PEIPER says:

    Hard fought indeed!
    Even better is seeing the good guys win 😉
    Thanks for the read Delta, keep up the good work!