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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Delaying Action in Hamburg

Warsaw Pact
VS West German
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Overall Situation

NATO high command is beside itself. How in the hell were the damned Russians able to launch an offensive into Bemerode!!!! I thought they were on the run in this sector??!! Confirmed sir-2 battleworn tank divisions have cut into the sector and are headed this way!!! High command hastily recalls 2 British battalions to stall this advance. While that's happening, see if we can get the Americans or Germans to cut this advance off from the root!!!!! A reinforced German panzer battalion head south and a reinforced American tank battalion does as well. They are both heading toward Wolfsburg-both will take different roads at get there...............

Russian Battalion HQ

Pavel Durchenko final has some quiet time. He sits on the deck of his tank, dreaming, thinking, relaxing-getting some sun on this-one of the last days of the German summer. The nights are already getting cooler. He has heard rumors that The West, tired of this war that they started, is ready to talk terms. Just as he is about to sleep, 2 jets race overhead-he awakens-sleepily he stumble to the AA machine gun-laughably too late. "what kinds of planes were those?" he asks-F-4s sir-comes the answer. He hears the woosh of missiles and the chatter of the ZSU's and he smiles as he hears a loud explosion-one of those pilots wont be going home. His smile fades as he hears the bombs hit a target.
He tries to contact Regimental HQ-no response. Putting 2 and 2 together, he rushes to his BTR-and arrives at Regimental HQ just in time to help organize a cleanup operation-It is destroyed-the bombs hit their targets too well. He searches and finds what is left of the command staff. He calls division and is shocked when he is given command of the Regiment. More importantly Division has just informed him of the attack into the Hanover sector and the NATO forces headed their way to stop it.
Durchenko immediately gathers what anti-armor assets he has available ( not much) and puts them in an ambushing position to at least stall the Germans, while he plans on taking what is left of the Tank Regiment and dealing directly with the Americans

The Game

This will be a nonstandard game. The Germans will use all their tanks-10 Leo2s and 9 Leo1s in an effort to assist the American armor attack at Wolfsburg. The idea is to get as many German tank units off the board as possible. Any German units off the board will come in as reinforcements during the American tank battle ( with turn delays ) The Russian has 4 units (3 storms) ( 3 spandrels) and 2 2 BMP-2 sections. He can have 4 ambushes.
German Victory Conditions
Loss of 1 unit-6-1 victory
Loss of 2 units 5-2
Loss of 3 units 4-3
Loss of 4 units draw
Loss of 5 or more defeat

German armor moving down the road.

Turn 1

Turn 1
German tanks move up-rushing to occupy potential ambush spots
The Russians ambush the tanks
The Spandrels KIA 1 Leo1
The 2 BMP-2 sections KIA a total of 2 Leo2s
The storms KIA a Leo2 and bail 1
All ambushing teams failed their shoot and scoot roll

Opening ambush goes fairly well

Turn 2

A Leo 2 zug fails morale, A Leo1 zug also fails morale. Another Leo 2 zug passes morale, but 1 of the tanks wont remount. The Leo2 zug KIAs a BMP-2 and bails another. Another Leo2 zug KIAs 1 BMP-2. The Leo 1s pass a blitz move and fire at and KIA 2 storms.

The storms fail morale. A BMP-2 section also fails morale. The lone BMP-2 passes morale. The BMP2 KIAs another Leo2 and this time gets a 5 and passes a shoot and scoot. The Spandrels KIA 2 Leo1s. and again fail a shoot and scoot

Storms are gone, spandrels are next.

Turn 3

The Leo2 zug fails morale. The Leo1s KIA 2 spandrels and the Leo2 zug claims the other-with only 1 BMP-2 left, The Russians fall back and have delayed the Germans for only 3 turns-a bit disappointing,

So much burning!!

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