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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Fighting at Frentroper Mark

Warsaw Pact
VS British
mike hodo


With the latest victories over the US forces, we have an opportunity to encircle the 5th Marine Regiment as it reassembles near Lippramsdorf. If we can quickly overcome the enemy located on the ridges near Marl, we can accomplish this encirclement. The enemy is an unidentified British battle group. Expect infantry, some ATGM support, possible armor and air assets-ADA status green-weapons hot. Regimental commander requested chemical support-denied by the Front Commander.

The Game

Rule book mission-Encounter.
65 points
Czechs are the attackers
British get to go first
putting a 10 game turn limit on this one
Chemical weapons have been denied by the Front Commander
We had to proxy the British Army as no one around here plays British, but we do have the book. So the M1s will be Chieftains, M113s are FV432s, and the ITVs will be the Milan section FV432s.

Larger area of operations
Push the British out of those woods!!

The Prebattle set up

Turn 1

British Go 1st

Turn 1
No reinforcements, infantry and Milan section are ordered to dig in-an do

No reinforcements, BMP-1scouts, BMP-2 infantry, and a T-55 company (6 tanks) head towards the British infantry now entrenched on the ridge. My T-72Ms don't dare expose themselves to the Milan fire opposite them.

Turn 2

Turn 2
The infantry fire a Carl Gustav and the lead T-55 makes it's armor save

Another BMP-2 company (4 BMP-2s) arrive in the town. The lead BMP-2 company (4) and the T-55s fire at the Carl Gustav team-fail to do anything-try to assault and lose a T-55, have 1 bailed and have a BMP-2 bailed-the tanks have to fall back.

Went for the quick win. Denied!!!

Turn 3

Turn 3
A Chieftain company (2) arrives on their right flank-right into the scout BMP-1s (3 BMP-1s). Piss poor gunnery results in only 1 KIA-but it goes up in a great fireball. On the ridge, an infantry Carl Gustav destroys the bailed BMP-2. The infantry and the mortar team fail to eliminate the pinned Czech infantry team. A Milan team on the next ridge has a long range shot at another BMP-2 and it also explodes-but the infantry team inside manages to escape the inferno inside it. The FV432s move and hun down one of the Czech infantry teams.

no reinforcements, The infantry is no longer pinned. The 2 remaining BMP-1 scouts fire at the Chieftains and miss (not that they would do anything to them anyway) The remaining BMP-2 infantry teams pass their blitz and move out of the BMP-2s. The infantry teams move and fire at the British infantry-no effect. The BMP-2s (2) pull back, The T-55s also move and try to gun down some British infantry-also no effect. The RPG-7 teams do manage to take out a FV432 knocking off a track and the crew abandons it. The Czech infantry and T-55s assault and after a cycle of assault, counterattack, and more back and forth-the British break off but they lose 2 teams-the Czechs have lost 3 teams and a T-55 as well as having 2 more bailed. The Czechs hold the objective, but their losses are so heavy-they wont be able to hold it.

The Brits break off, but they'll be back

Turn 4

Turn 4
No reinforcements. The Chieftain platoon (2) fires and destroys the last 2 BMP-1 scout section sending bits of BMP-1 and scout all over the countryside. On the ridge, the FV432s fire at the RPG-7 teams and good shooting results in eliminating 2 teams. Carl Gustavs and Milans eliminate 3 T-55s (2 bailed ones)

The T-55 remaining on the ridge fails morale as well as the last RPG-7 team from the BMP-2 company-both flee, but I don't blame them. We have 3 reinforcement units-a 4 tank T-55 company, 2 Hinds-both arrive on my left flank, and a BTR company on the far right. The last 2 BMP-2s from the 1st company fire and eliminate 1 FV432 and bail another. BMP2 company in town fire all 4 ATGM into the flank of a Chieftain and KIA 1. The Hinds fire into the rear of the remaining Chieftain and bail it.

I told you they would be back
A Chieftain is eliminated

Turn 5

Turn 5
2 more Chieftains arrive in the center. The bailed FV432 remains bailed. The 2 remaining FV432 move into the center of the ridge. The one remaining Chieftain flees. The 3 Cheiftain on the far left move behind the factory for cover

The new BMP-2 company moves as well as the T-55 company. The remaining 2 BMP-2s also move back to the town.

And no turn 5 picture-it was boring anyway.

Turn 6-The british make their move

Turn 6
The last of the British reinforcements arrive-2 more Chieftains in the center and the 2 FV432s from the Milan section show up on the far left. The 3 Chieftains on the left move up as well as the 4 in the center. In the center, the Chieftains KIA one of the 2 remaining BMP-2s from the 1st company. Otherwise the firing is ineffective.

The T-72Ms fire at the Chieftains and eliminate 1 of them. The Hinds manage to take out another Chieftain.

The Brits make their run for an objective.

Turn 7

Turn 7
I cant believe I didn't see it, but he was able to road dash the 2 tank Chieftain unit to within 6 inches of an objective. The 2 Chieftains on his left (my right) eliminate 2 T-72Ms and his damn Milan teams take out 3 more!!!! A solitary Chieftain fails morale.

I blitz the BTR-60s to the objective. the infantry unloads and sets up behind the hay bails. The Hinds manage to bail a Chieftain.

Infantry braces for an assault

Turn 8

Turn 8
The chieftain unit passes morale, but the bailed one does not remount. On the ridge, the FV432s have had enough. The 3 Milan teams KIA the last T-72M. The Chieftain closest to the objective manages to gun down a Czech infantry team-then tries to overrun it-it fails and it gets eliminated.

The only T-72M left flees. The last of the BTR-60 infantry dismount. On the ridge, the 4 T-55s and the BMP-2 infantry teams dismount. At this point Mike offers me a draw and I accept-It's getting late and with what happened last time I would rather take a draw.

The British gamble fails.
Really don't want to try this again.
Assembling more T-55s for the renewed attack

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  • PanzerGrau says:

    Tough fight. Great report. Thanks for posting.

  • Stone says:

    Nice photos. Looks like a hard fought battle.

  • Major H. Jones says:

    I must be remembering the outcome of WW1 differently, Bayankhan. We had so much material stockpiled we sent some to Russia and had to go there to get it back. Was Russia at Versailles?

  • bayankhan says:

    Keep pressing, Comrades. Soon they will run out of war stocks of missiles and shells. Every one knows that the NATO powers only agreed to stock 30 days of munitions and fuel and yet their budgets only extended to 20, save for USA…who never bought Milans or Carl Gustav.

    It will be just like World War I when the foolish western powers all ran out of munitions at nearly the same time. But we remembered…
    We will have tanks when they no longer have the means to fight them

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Accepting a draw with a loss looming is smart.

  • Major H. Jones says:

    Great pics. Commended for the French WW2 die.