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Firestorm: Stripes

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Rising Dawn in Hamburg

Warsaw Pact
VS British

Major Ivanov could hear them, the tanks of the Allies moving into position. It was just before dawn, the time when NATO armor loved to hunt the under-equipped Soviet forces in the far outskirts of Hamburg. Ivanov knew the counter attack was coming. You don't just overrun a NATO tactical command post and expect their nearby forces to sit on their laurels. No...they'd hit him, soon...and hard.

The outskirts of Hamburg.
British Chieftains move into position in the pre-dawn hours.
Ivanov's surviving Motor Rifle troops occupy the NATO CP.
Covered by a loose screening force.

Just as screening force had moved into position, they reported contact. American M60s rapidliy approaching from the east. Unfortunate, but not unexpected that the Americans would join in the attack. As he scanned his front, he could still hear the British tanks, moving forward, probing his position. What where they waiting for?

The British advance.
BMP screen moves into position.
And then the bombs drop!

Explosions rocked the area behind him to his rear. The British Harriers had missed their aiming point and struck the open area behind him, but that had been too close for comfort. To make matters worse, his SAMs had revealed their positions to engage the NATO aircraft, and now received a hail of fire from the British tanks in the dark. To the east, the American tanks engaged his BMPs, claiming the first kills of the battle to come.

SA-13s attempt to defend the troops.
And pay the price.
BMPs burn in the night.
The British take the town square and the McPizza King!

Frantically screaming for reinforcements and praying for the dawn, Ivanov could only sit and wait for the inevitable. His BMPs to the east did what they could, claiming an American tank. But this only highlighted their position and the return American fire saw them wiped out. In the center, the British had cleared the town and were pressing toward the Soviet rear areas, engaging his hidden BMPs as they moved by.

The screening force is wiped out.
The Americans advance!
The British are closing in.

His screening force was gone, half his SAMs were burning wrecks, and the British tanks had broken through the front with an open road to the rear areas. As his dug-in troops began to receive direct fire from the British tanks, all seemed lost.

The sound of tank on the road immediately drew Ivanov's attention....those were Soviet guns! With the arrival of the dawn, Ivanov could see T-64s charging down the road, firing on the British tanks!

The cavalry arrives in the nick of time!

Podpolkovnik Vorishnov sighted on the British tank and fired, the shell penetrating the unprotected flank. By sheer luck, his tanks had arrived just as the British were about to breakthrough. Closing on them, they fired everything they had, joined by previously concealed BMPs.

The British breakthrough is stalled.

As the British began to recover from the shock of his arrival, Vorishnov could see a flight Harriers zoom in from the west and drop their ordinance on the motor riflemen's positions. While a nearby SA-8 unit brought down two the bombers, they still got through. Combined with tank fire, the British had destroyed the supporting BMPs and caused casualties among the infantry. With the Americans still lurking to the east, Vorishnov readied himself for the fight ahead.

The Harriers are back!
And reap a bloody toll!
The Americans help keep pressure on the eastern flank.
"Hold the town lads!"

With his tanks engaged in the center, Vorishnov ordered the next wave of tanks to move forward and hit the British on the left. His second wave of tanks arrived and immediately took the British tanks under fire. Meanwhile, his own unit spread out, keeping the British in the town occupied while Vorishnov engaged the approaching Americans.

Soviet reinforcements arrive right where they are needed most.
"Keep the pressure up Comrades!"

With the sun fully in the sky, the deadly Harriers returned again, this time striking the newly arrived T-64s. The SA-8s managed to bring one down and force the other to retreat, the sole survivor manged to drop his bombs before fleeing, claiming 2 T-64s. Along with the weight of fire of the nearby Chieftains and his tankers could not handle it. The survivors fled to the rear, but Vorishnov did not have time to worry about that. The Americans had arrived in force, and with a torrent of missiles and shot, killed one of his tanks and forced the rest of the others to button up.

The Harrier return for a third and final time!
Their used to be more tanks here...
Thank Stalin for 17 Front Armor!!!
Vorishnov employs his patented 'Stalking Bush' strategy.

While NATO fire was certainly keeping them in the fight, more Soviet reinforcements arrived where the previous units had fled. Employing a more subtle approach, the moved to flank the British position and force them to disengage from pushing on the HQ. Simultaneously, Vorishnov and his remounted tankers fired on anything that looked like tank, claiming the last of the Chieftains in the area and forcing he American M60s to withdrawal after suffering heavy losses.

"Try going around them, not at them this time Comrade."
The British commander dies a valiant death.
Another American tank dead, the last flees for home.

Despite having come so close to breaking through, the surviving British officers could see that the effort had stalled and turned into a slugging match at the worst time. With dwindling resources and more Soviet forces on the horizon, the new British CO could tell it was time to call it. There'd be another time. This one belonged to the Soviets.

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Warsaw Pact


  • recce103c says:

    Great power win Comrade, congratulations

    I understand the challenge with players from your father 😉

  • fingolfen says:

    Great report – thanks for taking the time to post all the photos as well!

  • Victor says:

    What a comeback, great read and congratulations on the hard earned victory Comrade.

    Those British and American commanders are tenacious but flee once the horde arrives.

  • Red Alert says:


    That must have been a great battle.

    Spasibo on the win!

  • HMS_Belfast says:

    I am too lazy to read all the comments underneath, but since this is causing quite a stir I’m giving it a 10 AND a commendation just because 😀 .

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Are you part Irish, Ivan? A wee leprechaun in your pocket on this one. Fantastic report, and worth a commendation.

    As an aside, I did not appreciate the swipe at the British from Oberst Hunts; I put a topic in the British Briefing Room two weeks ago about rating and commending, including following requests not to rate, but to remember and return. I have been rating every battle I read (which is all of them), and commending first wins, and impressive reports.

    I agree with Jagdpanzer here; we all need to calm down, enjoy the campaign, and not get worked up. As they say; ‘Why mad? Is only game!’

  • Nikolai Zhukuv says:

    Amazing table… amazing models …. amazing report!!!

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    By the way, just rated and commended great report. Jammy win. I had that same luck in my battle.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Wow, this is nuts, all you guys need to grow up. If the guy doesn’t want to rate it he doent have to. He said he isn’t doing it for either. Not my choice, but he is being faur about it. Also all this complaining about blue on blue is really pissing me off. We are not rigging it, we are not encouraging people to do it. It just happens, people rock up to their game stores on games right and there are not enough red players or blue players. I’ve seen blue on blue in both sides. BF and beasts are balancing it out behind the scenes. So it is not an issue. The thing that really seems to swing theatres is battle reports, and doing good ones. So if someone wants to play but does not want to do a battle report, or not spend time on it. That is the result. I mean the guy is doing the red players reports for the campaign he is trying to run, do get involment up, because the red players refuse to do the reports. I think you guys should stop worrying about blue on blue or red on red, and spend the time doing great reports and getting more games in

  • Storm Caller says:

    CrazyIvan and Bayankhan,

    First thank you both for your service.


    Well, said! Know I understand why the Russian players are leaving


  • bayankhan says:

    I’m not sure I put it as strongly as Dave, but Storm, you need a reality check. Not everybody wants to even register much less file reports. How is you writing the reports for your club less of an intellectual integrity issue than no linked reports. If there were two unlinked reports of the same battle, maybe an issue…but otherwise, not.

    The reports should be rated on merit of the writer, not on whether his partner can be bothered to post. SAD, just SAD.

    And so it starts again

  • Klute says:

    COMMANDERS – I am going to step in here. As the US Commander, and know CrazyIvan17 personally, I have have played many games with him over the years playing FOW and TY. He is an amazing player and have have learned from him over the years.

    This campaign is suppose to be fun we should all be having a good time playing games . We are introducing new players in to the game, meeting new people, and we are all communicating with players from around the world. Enjoy it!

    CrazyIvan17, Great Battle Report as always and Thank Your Active Duty Service Serving in the US Military.

  • General POTUS says:

    V.pretty T55’s

  • Davehodo says:

    Storm, if you are only going to rate linked reports perhaps you can use some of that free time to develop a personality and stop being a jackass. It’s a game not a way of life. For all you other NATO players that always rate fairly, you have my thanks and my support-I try to do the same for you guys

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Congratulations on your hard earned win. Don’t worry about Storm Caller. He’s probably busy posting another Blue on Blue training exercise.

  • Storm Caller says:


    Don’t take it personal, Like I said, just started after noticing a lack of linked reports on both sides!

    And I will no longer rate them, just like reports that I would score under players average. I would score them.

    Is there anybody beside you in your group that does report?

    I’m drafting reports for one of my Soviet players then he put up the report. He just doesn’t have the time because of work.

    I one of our other Soviet players is doing reports one of our American who has limited sight.

    In our group if it’s not linked it doesn’t count!

    I’m just hold non linked reports to the same stand I hold our cub member too!

    If it make you feel better, I have a back log of five reports! And yes it both side of the report!



  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Yeah, when it came to my Turn 3, I rolled a 5 for dawn and a 6 for reinforcements. And then rolled a 3 for where they arrived. Literally right where I needed them. My friend could not believe my luck and would have probably burned my dice, where they not the same dice he’d been using to kill me with previously.

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Stalking Bush in deed.

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Wow Storm Caller, that is pretty cheesy of you. But like other Brits that only rate Brits.

    Great table and a hard fought victory. Congrats Ivan. If only I could push our forces south to engage you.

    Well done.

  • Harald Knauer says:

    Well done!
    My highlights are the cratered town, the fur-fields, your lucky reinforcements and the way you turned this into a neat little story.

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Well, I can’t help that my friends don’t have accounts because they have kids, are new to the game, and want to play more than write AARs. But your ROEs are your ROES, copy. I hope you do the same for the NATO players.

  • Storm Caller says:


    I no longer rate or give commendation to reports that aren’t linked to another “active” player. Adam is not an active player in the campaign

    Still a good read

  • Storm Caller says:

    You enjoy the luck of a Cossack! Always getting what you need just where you need it!

    Great battle field and models