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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Reds Resurgent, or a slightly different reality

Warsaw Pact
VS British
Green Howards

This is a report of the cumulative outcomes of battles at our store. It is so divergent from where the electronic battle is going that we are now having to pick two places for our battles, one where it counts on the store map, and one where it counts on the electronic map



I had admired others who published their store campaign results, and equally prefer that the BOW team have a Forum separate from battles to cover this feature. Despite suggestions in the Thunder campaign this hasn't happened yet, so here's where we are.

I also want to note that we're so far apart from the electronic campaign that where we play our battles for the store and where they will show up in the electronic reports are completely different

First week's fighting

You'll have seen most of these pictures before. Some of them upside down. That at least, with help from BOW and some of you, I've fixed. We played four games the first Friday, our high water mark, as some people have drifted back to Flames to prep for tournaments, and others have been too busy.

I played in two of them, thanks to a late arrival from Tim H. This picture is from my first, a win offensively in Hamburg-Hannover. Thanks to miscommunication between me, the store and BF we didn't get our campaign pack until yesterday...so we used the rules from Thunder campaign pack's last phase to assign battles (50-50 PACT Offense/Defense). Also automatic two-territory advance in case of offensive victory. I won both battles, carrying Hannover for Team Red, and repulsing NATO at Leipzig for a lucky gain of the attacker's territory. Stefanvich tied with Green Howards at Braunschweig, and Brusilov fought Fitzi's M60 horde to a standstill in Frankfurt in what we laughingly now call First Frankfurt. Brusilov posted his report; Green Howards and Stefanvich still have to post theirs. Tim H is too busy traveling for his job and I no longer expect him to post and Fitzi's recent job change makes his posting extremely unlikely. C'est la vie.

Second weeks fighting

My offensive win at Hamburg/Hannover sealed off the British garrison in Braunschweig and NATO had been rolled back in Leipzig. The next week we managed to get in 3 battles. Green Howards was off at Wolfkrieg, so the fights boiled down to me and Fitzi, Brusilov and Fitzi, and Stefanvich and Al.

I won an offensive victory in Hof and carried into Nurenberg. Stefanvich fought a maneuver battle defensively and won, carrying Niederbayern. Brusilov and Fitzi fought 2nd Frankfurt, placing more ruins on top of ruins in another tie

Third week fighting

Third week. Getting thin on the ground. I played Dave and won a defensive counterattack victory, earning a territory, taking Kassel. Stefanvich attacked Rob, suffering a defeat, and losing a territory. Green Howards wasn't able to get in a game because of the long drive home, and the rest of the Stalwarts rested their minds playing Blood and Plunder. Clearly battle fatigue was setting in

NATO players thin on ground

4th week saw only one battle that could have counted. Green Howards brought his PACT army and played Al to a draw. Brusilov and I played each other in a battle that didn't count for the store. 5th Week, Green Howard and I played to a draw - report to come later.

So looking forward to the next and final week, we see PACT with 6 victories and NATO with one

Missing forces

Which leads us to the above map. The battle arrows and changed control markers didn't show up very well in pictures, so I got out the counters from my trusty old NATO game to mark the battle lines. However, there is a message here...the light blue counters are the missing French faction's potential reinforcements, while the Red and Orange counters are missing PACT reinforcements by this point in the war. Each French unit is a brigade-sized formation misnamed 'Division' with 5 or 6 maneuver battalions while the PACT formations are divisions. 20 pact Divisions versus 15 French brigades....draw your own conclusions on how the war goes from here

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  • recce103c says:

    Nice to see club campaigns work really well

    thx for reporting

  • Kubikhan says:

    Nice to see a different operational perspective, and a thriving club! Wish I were closer to one. Sharing is certainly worth commending!

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Interesting to see how other clubs do it, very well done

  • Storm Caller says:


    First thank you for the opening remarks. I asked to have a “no value report” to do this reporting on. Even got it so now we start with a draw and which ever side wins more battle it the victory once the link report is add, other wise it two draws that cancel each other out!

    I gave you a 10 star rating and commendation. Until you ran one of this you just want get it! A lot of time goes into the coordination and then on top your reports / games are that much more limited

    Again good on you!



  • HMS_Belfast says:

    If we had to fight for so many sectors this campaign would last 6 months 😀 . Definitely more than the proper war!

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing. I’m loving what you have done with the red on that map.

  • Stone says:

    Looks like a really fun and thematic store campaign. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    An interesting AAR. Looks like it’s been a fun time.

  • bayankhan says:

    My pleasure, Comrade.

  • Davehodo says:

    looks like a lot of fun. crush them comrade. thanks for sharing