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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Turn at Frankfurt

VS Warsaw Pact

“… I remember that morning lads. Cold and windy was with a cup of tea I tried to make it a bit comfortable, but than those bloody russians showed up. Gear up, the ruskies are here! – the seregant yelled than we rolled into our positions…”
The battle started with a russian recon movement in the very beginning of the deployment. They acquired the parking lot in the center of the table like they would have been stuck to the ground.

The forces, the deployment with pesky ruskies and the naked board :)

Soviet reserve focused on avoiding the army's harriers and tried to flank the battle with T-72 and the second BTR infantry companies. The british forces tried to eliminate the Mi-24 off the board with limited success. Artillery has exchanged fire several times with fair success.

Chiefs were showing up lately and have been wiped out by the Mi-24 on the left flank.
By closing to the turn 6 the russian commander decided to seize the moment and moved to the objective to control it beeing in full cover.
Mi-24 were the MVPs of the match swooping over the battlefield and wiping out most part of the british armour.

British infantry halted the red tide keeping both russian infantry and T-72 companies, the backbone of the attacking force at bay. Though the battle has been lost the russians paid a high prize for the "parking lot" they acquired at a very early moment.

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