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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Ruhren to go

Warsaw Pact
VS British
Love the swarm, hate the packing/unpacking

I used my standard (everything I have painted) 80 pts again against the Brits.

Table setup

The last battle against the Brits had a lot of terrain, so I set up a more open table this time. I just got my overpass, so took this opportunity to try it out. I need another box of roads so I can actually put it somewhere other than the corner of the table.

Rushing Russ.....er, Germans

The Brits circled the wagon trains around the 2 objectives.

I rushed everything except the Hails, Spandrels and Gophers to close with the Brits as fast as possible knowing 6 turns would be tough to get those objectives cleared.

The hails went to work on the infantry and the spandrels lined up shots for turn 2. The Brits didn't bring their choppers, so the Gophers hid under the underpass (Yeah! The new terrain is great).

Brit Deployment
Turn 3
Good night sweet prince

Scimitars and AA try desperately to contest the objective, but I had too much firepower pouring into them, killing everything in their path.

Suck it Britain!!!

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Warsaw Pact


  • M. Nisbet says:

    I have to admit, not a massive fan of the table. It’s very open, leads to a ‘who has more guns’ kind of fight. But well done on your win.

  • HMS_Belfast says:

    With the infantry in such a tight formation, it looked more like a Blood Bowl match!

  • bayankhan says:

    Great report, but help us out by copying the list to a word document (or similar) and then saving it as PDF, and finally attaching to the battle report. Gives you a couple extra XP and helps make the report look finished. Like your list

  • Agashamirv says:

    I’m finally starting to win with it. It took a while. I’ve yet to kill an Abrams, but I’ve started to beat the American anyway. Whooo!

  • Agashamirv says:

    1 T55 HQ
    9 T55
    10 T55
    9 BTR 60 with infantry and addtitional Grenade Launcher
    5 BMP 1 with infantry and addtitional Grenade Launcher
    2 Frogfeetses 🙂
    2 Hind
    3 Spandrel
    2 Gophers
    6 Hail
    4 BMP 1 something or others (not spotter or transport) – Verlang maybe?
    80 pts

  • Davehodo says:

    Nice report-a commend just for having to haul that army around-well done

  • Tovarishch Vilgelm says:

    Neat report with a fine outcome! Was the Brit player calling for help on his phone? Ditto Kayjay – as a Warpac player I’d love to see your list…

  • Major H. Jones says:

    Great pictures. Give those Brits some darkness for cover.

  • kayjay says:

    List ?

  • Stone says:

    Good description and photos. Thanks for the AAR.