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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Pesky Brits hold on at Hamburg

Warsaw Pact
VS British

The Battlefield

A nice quiet day in the bergs
East German Deployment
Puny Western Deployment, off in the distance

The East Germans fought the Brits for the first time at Hamburg. The unending hordes of East Germans, sadly, did in fact end in a 2-1 loss.

We had to call the game for time as the shop was closing, but we both agreed, given another turn or two the Brits were on the verge of breaking and the East German reinforcements were just starting to arrive and overrun all their positions.

The first challenger drops with few casualties in return.....
But that quickly turned around
The BMP's and infantry come over the bridge, greeted by British noobs. How did I know they were noobs? They're still shiny.....
Yet somehow, they still managed to hold out for the entire game.
Fritz should watch more TV, he would have known to leave town. Maybe he'd still have a car.

The Brit infantry on the right held firm, the artillery pushed forward in the middle, direct firing into my BTR's and BMP's making quick work of them.

Meanwhile the left flank was holding, on, just barely with his tanks.

Bloody hand to hand at the bridge, but still the Brits wouldn't break.
With the cavalier disregard for the property of the beleaguered Germans, the Brits ran over Freda's car and Frau Bruker's addition which she hasn't finished paying off yet.

The good news for us was that the driver in the second tank was laughing so hard at the first tank for hitting a house that he couldn't get out of the crater he was stuck in for the whole game, keeping my objective safe and sound for the game.

The game ended with me losing a SAM unit and a tank unit and the Brits only losing a chopper unit.

Given more time the infantry unit on the right was done for and I had a full strength infantry unit a turn away from the objective and no real reinforcements coming for the Brits in time to stop me.

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