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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Rangers Raid Russian Rear; Wreck Railroad in the Ruhr

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
John C.

Operation: [REDACTED]

Situation: Soviet forces are preparing an offensive to save their beleaguered troops in the Ruhr. Key to maintaining their momentum is a pair of bridges—one rail, one road—spanning the Weser River near the hamlet of [REDACTED]. Destruction of these bridges will dramatically curtail enemy operations.

Mission: The target area is garrisoned by a motorized company of Soviet Interior Troops from the Ministry for Internal Affairs (MVD-VV). A second, similar, company, stationed nearby acts as a Quick Reaction Force. [REDACTED] is tasked with overcoming the MVD-VV garrison and ensure the destruction of these bridges and a Communications Center located in the train depot.

Execution: [REDACTED] Rangers will conduct an overland insertion, under cover of darkness, in/near the vicinity [REDACTED]:
1. [REDACTED], will assault from the south toward the rail bridge. Once demolition charges have been placed, [REDACTED] will fall back to an over-watch position to cover [REDACTED]’s extraction.
2. [REDACTED], will assault from the south toward the road bridge. Once demolition charges have been placed, [REDACTED] will fall back to an over-watch position to ensure the bridges’ destruction.
3. [REDACTED], will assault from the west toward the train station and secure the communications center. Once demolition charges have been placed, [REDACTED] will move to the south, cross the river, and link up with [REDACTED].

Administration & Logistics: [REDACTED] will provide a a flight of [REDACTED] as [REDACTED]. A section of [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED] will be on-station should the need arise.

Command & Control: All assets committed to the operation will fall under the command of [REDACTED] Rangers.

Soviet deployment and Objectives
1st Plt with rail bridge in sight
2nd platoon recons the road bridge
3rd Ranger Plt near the the train station
1st Platoon advances toward the rail bridge, taking cover along the south river bank, leaving 2 Dragon teams and their 60mm in the woods to provide covering fire.
3rd Platoon moves down to the parked rail cars, leaving their 60mm on the wooded hilltop as cover.
160th SOAR take up a firing position between 1st and 2nd Platoons, providing over-watch on both bridges.

At this point, the Rangers' movements have gone unnoticed by the MVD-VV troops.

Capt. [REDACTED] decides to press his luck and move in closer before engaging.

1st Platoon shifts right along the riverbank, sending 2 demolition teams onto the bridge.
2nd Platoon moves forward and begins setting charges on the road bridge
3rd Platoon quickly moves through the rail cars, secures the train station, and begins setting their charges.
Now's the time. Captain [REDACTED] decides to initiate the engagement, ordering 1st Platoon's Dragons to target the enemy BTRs.
With hostilities initiated, 2nd Platoon's Dragons claim a second BTR.
3rd Platoon Dragon teams claim another BTR.
3rd Platoon's machine guns rake the hamlet's streets, claiming 2 enemy teams.
The BVD-VV garrison, now alerted to the Rangers' presence, react quickly. A lone rifle team charges across the road bridge in an attempt to stop the demolitions work.
The garrison moves to take 2nd platoon under fire as a squad moves to challenge the sappers on the rail bridge.
Brave, but foolish, the Rangers easily repel the assault, killing or wounding every man on the road bridge.
A full squad of MVD-VV rush across the rail bridge and are met by a hail of machine gun and rifle fire. The lead team is cut down to the man while the following team dives for cover over the sides of the bridge.
As the garrison gains its composure, their defense starts to coalesce. The Gremlin team claims first blood, downing one of the gunships.
Charges set, 1st Platoon falls back to their over-watch position.
2nd Platoon also falls back to their over-watch position after setting their charges.
3rd Platoon also begins moving to their extraction point.

With all Ranger teams clear, Captain [REDACTED] command detonates the explosives.

Deafened by the massive explosions, the MVD-VV garrison is unable to react, refusing to move from their covered positions. Fortunately, the MVD-VV reinforcements arrive and quickly move to intercept 3rd Platoon before they can cross the river.
It is going to be a race . . .

. . . and they pay the price as the SOAR birds exact a toll, stopping the pursuit dead in its tracks . . .
. . . but not before losing a second bird to those damned Gremlins.

Unable to stop the Rangers' escape, the garrison commander halts his pursuit and allows the Rangers to withdraw unmolested and turns his attentions to cleaning up this mess and worrying about how he was going to explain this to his superiors.

He decided to take another way out instead . . .

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United States


  • Tropic Thunder says:

    Excellent report! Congrats on the win!

  • recce103c says:

    Excellence all around as always!!!

  • 81sPapaSmurf says:

    The raids are fun and they play quick.

    The easy part is accomplishing the objective; the hard part comes trying to ex-filtrate the area … becomes a cat-and-mouse game and is the most dangerous part of the operation.

    Glad you all enjoy them …


  • thommo1137 says:

    Excellent report 81PS. It read really well with supporting pictures. I also think the raid scenario is very good. +++

  • Klute says:

    81s, I think there is a Medal of Honor coming your way. ONce again great win and AAR. Thank you for service this campaign.

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Congrats on your victory. Nice report.