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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

General-Polkovnik Red Alert in front of the UN Headquarters.

The soldiers of the valiant Red Army continue to fight the capitalist NATO forces. In the past days, NATO forces led by the USA have attempted to capture Berlin. We now know that they always planned a war of aggression and would have caught us off guard if our leadership had not made a pre-emptive strike against their forces build up. We can inform you that the battle lines are fluid and confusing. We still hold on to large areas of West Germany but part of our forces has just repelled the invaders from Berlin and continue to push the forces of aggression out from Brandenburg and Leipzig theatres.

General-Polkovnik Red Alert led our delegation to the UN peace talks in New York. This turned out to be a propaganda ploy by NATO as they were unwilling to enter the talks with any seriousness. Their delegation behaved with customary arrogance which was easy for them since they are far removed from the suffering their war causes. It was an inspired choice to send a frontline commander against these bureaucrats who have no experience of war. Red Alert has now returned to the warzones and reports have arrived that he has already pushed back the invaders in Brandenburg and Hamburg theatres.

Krokodil attack helicopters are the bane of NATO tanks

The heaviest fighting is reported to be in North Germany from Frankfurt to the sea. Our troops are fighting bravely and they are supported by the workers of the soviet who strive tirelessly making superior weapons such as the Mi-24 Krokodil attack helicopters that the NATO forces have learned to fear.

Despite the best efforts of our military, the situation is severe and dangerous. General Secretary Chernenko gave a moving speech today where he warned the leaders of NATO that the Politburo will not tolerate their acts of aggression that now threaten our sisters and brothers of the socialist states. He sent a clear message that we are ready and willing to meet further acts of aggression with the full power of our arsenals. STAVKA has been given the order to plan the use of

OTR-21 Tochka with tactical nuclear warheads is moving into positions where they can strike at NATO forces.

tactical nuclear weapons if NATO forces do not stop their invasion and withdraw from the German Democratic Republic. Chief of the General Staff Marshal Ogarkov said that the Soviet Army would act responsibly but would not hesitate if it came to this. All they would be doing was to fight in their rightful defense and any civilian casualties would be at the feet of the aggressors.


  • Kubikhan says:

    Kind of hard to launch your TNF when they’ve been overrun by NATO forces, no, Comrade Red Alert? It’s okay, we won’t spoil them. The technology is pretty basic, and I think we’ve figured out a way to point them EAST.

  • bayankhan says:

    Sorry, they existed in 1985, recce; I can give you their exact D-Day positions in the Western Military Districts, unit numbers, mobilization category and probable equipment. Including over 1800 T80s. Counting only CAT A and CAT B divisions, there are 11 tank divisions, 14 motor rifle divisions, 2 unified corps. These can be augmented by the STAVKA reserve of 3 more tank divisions 6 motor rifle divisions and a newly-formed unified corps. This does not consider ongoing mobilization, of CAT V divisions.

  • recce103c says:

    General-Polkovnik Red Alert’s statement is typical of true propaganda: there is a grain of truth in the story (check the basic info on the UN photo), after that, only repeating outdated slogans of that the peaceful people of GDR / DDR certainly are not convinced. The whole story tries to divert, what this war actually is all about: Soviet Aggression, laid bare with the blatant threat of Nuclear strike. Well this will make the peaceful people of GDR / DDR certainly NOT happy.
    @ bayankhan: the four tank armies are the content of your Musea and patriotic war square monuments 😉

  • bayankhan says:

    It is a brilliant Maskirova, Comrade Stone. While your few remaining strike aircraft wear themselves out attacking decoy launchers, they will be too busy to hit the four tank armies currently crossing Poland and Czechoslovakia.

  • Stone says:

    It is only a weak opponent who feels the need to threaten nuclear strikes. I guess our NATO forces have significantly scared the bear.

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    The German people will never buckle under the threats of the evil Soviet invaders. Bring it!

  • fingolfen says:

    Love the UN photo!!

  • Victor says:

    When push comes to shove…

  • Ilya Semionov says:

    Good words, comrade general! The peaceful people of the GDR will support your troops and defend the marxist-leninist values at any cost!

  • Ilya Semionov says:

    Good words, comrade general! The peaceful people of GDR will support your troops and defend the marxist-leninist values at any cost!

  • Red Alert says:


    NATO’s war of aggression is a danger to all living things. Such is their capitalistic greed.