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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Wins: 25 | Losses: 9 | Draws: 3

Starting on March 4th we start at 10:00 AM. Then schedule organized Sunday games every two weeks. You can play as many times, any time, and any place and not limited to the every two weeks play. All are welcome, and unpainted models are welcome. 🙂 We play to have fun.

We are all playing the BOW Online campaign and post our Battle Reports. We play the BOW Mission selection for the area and dictates who is the attacker and defender. As noted, this is for fun so you can adjust if you both agree.

Open Points between you and your opponent. We typically play 65-75 Points and try to get in two games each Sunday. Feel free to play as many points as you want.

5730 Academy Blvd N

Colorado Springs
United States
Telephone: (719) 531-9863

Points Scored Per Theatre

Battles Fought Per Day, Per Theatre

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Renewed Action in the Hof Corridor Hof Corridor
Warsaw Pact
VS United States