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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Push To Berlin

West German
VS Warsaw Pact
Karl T

Daylight NATO attack
6 Turn Game
No NATO platoons lost.
64 Point Armies
The game was No Retreat with the Russians trying to hold off the West German reclaimers.
Turn 1- West Germans push forward only enough to unleash maximum firepower on the Dug in Mechanized Russians, who only offered minimal return fire.
Turn 2- A repeat of turn 1
Turn 3- West Germans begin to really press forward while Soviet reinforcements begin to get into position to effectively return fire, destroying various AFVs and killing a couple bases of infantry.
Turn 4- German retaliatory fire destroys the Soviet reinforcements and starts to wittle the Soviet Infantry to very low numbers.
Turn 5- Last batch of Soviet reinforcements arrive unfortunately to only destroy a few support Humvees from the US ally.
Turn 6- German Infabtry begin to assault the last Soviet troops out of their positions, breaking their spirit and forcing their commander to offer a surrender.

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West German


  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Congrats on the win.

  • recce103c says:

    Change the name Kamerad, we don’t stand for that!!

    very succinct AAR and pictures would help – also ORBATS of both opponents help

    help us imagine / see the battle developing – will get you more recommendations and better rating (good for us all)

  • Stone says:

    Way to rack up the wins and AARs fascistUnicorn. Great to have you on our side.

  • PEIPER says:

    Atta boy! Keep up the wins.
    Perhaps more description and photos will bring up your batrep rating and give us all a sense of whats going on when. A picture’s worth 1000 words right? 😉

  • Cryofrost says:

    good victory, as said before could have used some more detail.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Hi mate, congrats one the win, no biggie, I often forget to take photos, most important is that you keep playing. Cheers mate

  • General POTUS says:

    Berlin or Bust! (West Germans just want it more 🙂 )

  • Kubikhan says:

    You’re posting some good wins, and Berlin is no easy theatre. Keep up the good work, just more detail so the wins count for more.

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Congratulations on your victory, comrade.

  • Klute says:

    Welcome to Berlin. Thanks for sharing your AAR…..

  • M. Nisbet says:

    As others have said, congratulations on your first win. Hopefully your next reports will contain more detail.

  • Storm Caller says:

    If you want help. Go to the German forum and ask in topic!

    One of our group named wittman will help you


  • Storm Caller says:


    I use a standerized rating system, based on that this gets 1 star! Please don’t take this as negative against you as a person. A rewrite would do wonders for this report, You have it all there, just broken up

    I would recommend the following,

    1). Stay away from turn by turn blows and go to a narrative style
    2). Ref Photo, pull a few of the web and use them.
    3). Look at the minimum for experience and use that as a guide line. Just those would bring these to a seven and a commendation.

    Why is this important? Seven star rating and commendation will get you achievement


  • xFascistUnicorn says:

    Unfortunately it’s a little late to get the pictures now. My second one has a few though. I was too excited to chuck dice and didn’t think to take pictures.

  • Budenny says:

    Needs pictures and a more detailed write up.