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Firestorm: Stripes

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Brothers in arms (Wolf)

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

The massacre in Brandenburg

This report was created somewhat differently than usual. This is a kind of plot crossover (begin here https://firestormstripes.warconsole.com/battles/philliprus-vs-enshy-1523090297) and, in combination, a very large battle (255 points), arranged in our club. Perhaps there will be some missing details due to the large scale. Yes, and because of the large number of photos, the description of the battle will be displayed below them.


Hauptmann Wolf was greeted by an unfamiliar officer a handshake. The officer was interested not so much in itself, as the units which he commanded. Colonel Dolch commanded the only army unit of peacekeepers – "White elephants" as they are sometimes called. "So, my scouts has reported some activity in this area of Brandenburg. Apparently, the Soviets created here something like a transit camp for prisoners of war. I have reason to believe that your people are either here or they are already being prepared for shipment to Siberia at the station," Wolf said. "How can you be sure, Hauptmann?" – asked the Colonel – "perhaps you could track the movement of each truck being unnoticed. This requires special equipment, which is not equipped with army units." Wolf say: "No special equipment, Colonel, exclusively downed its feet and a bit patience. Walking scouts may seem a little old-fashioned, but it does its job." "Okay, Hauptmann, see I do not wonder you were recommended," said the Colonel – "this area is familiar to you, but how about a plan?". "Yes, plan. By itself, the guard camp is not a problem, and locking station is easy to arrange. However, according to radio intercept here on replenishment arrived tank battalion of Soviets. With him my Panzer group to handle, at best it will be a rout. That's why I propose we join forces ". "I see no difficulty, Hauptmann, except for one thing – my people will arrive at best in a couple of hours – said Dolch – and judging from the station arrival of the train in half an hour." " Devil... I'm sorry, Colonel,' said the Wolf, pulling tanksley – I'm going to tie the fight on their own, will lock the station and wait for your guys". Dolch nodded and quickly went to his tank.


Game was made on arrangement "Contact" on a double table, played 2 on 2 with "Dust". The table is a small industrial area with a station, a small town (or rather ruins) and rural gardens. The Soviets are located directly at the station and at the entrance to the town. The point of NATO is located near the petrol station and on the hill. The attacker – NATO, the first move for the Bundeswehr. The first are placed Soviet .

Right flank of Soviet
Left flank of Soviets

Soviet deployment

The Soviets use their scout BRDM to advance their tanks.
Soviet defense at the station.
Red on highway protection.
Shilki in readiness to open fire.

Bundeswehr deployment

The road is under the protection of infantry and the position of artillery and air defense.
LARS are ready for shooting, covered with infantry air defense.
"Leopards 2" and "Gepards" with the help of scouts are put forward to parry the tanks of the Soviets.
From a different angle
Similar advancement on the right flank of NATO
A cozy little nest
Another objective under cover of infantry

First turn

The forces of the Bundeswehr attacked on all flanks.

"Leopards 2" went on the attack and went to the Soviets from the flank.
Scouts go ahead, "Gepards" break through the forest to attack the infantry fighting vehicle.
Marders are pushing forward and attacking BRDM.
Peacekeepers are also advancing towards the station.
Red tanks burn by "Leopards 2".
BRDM destroyed and stunned by the attack of Marder and the "Milan" of infantry.
Excellent shoot!
BRDM on fire!
Cheetahs advanced into the forest, but could not hit any BMP, in contrast to another "Milan" of infantry.
LARS conducted mining of Soviet positions and literally paralyzed the group at the station.
Total on the left flank

The remaining Soviet troops, to the best of their ability, repel the attack. In the area of the station, "Spandrel" and one infantry fighting vehicle are being destroyed by mines. In the area of the town, the BMP destroys one "Gepards".

"Gepard" on fire!

Second turn

The forces of the Bundeswehr are waiting for reinforcements and decide to stick out. However, not all. The artillery of the Peacekeepers begins methodically shooting at the infantry on the hill, and not without result. Shooting of LARS on station has no results. "Gepards" on left flank destroy BMP squad.

Hold the line!
Scouts is always ahead.
The peacekeepers are vainly trying to destroy the remaining BRDM.

The remaining BRDM will attack the scouts who have escaped forward and destroy them. The spindles are trying to take more advantageous positions. The BMP at the station is waiting for the attack of "Gepards". Soviet artillery is guided by the position of the "Jaguars" and stuns one of them.

Its a good day to die.
"Spandrels" change position.

Third turn

From the reserves of the Bundeswehr, the infantry of peacekeepers on the "Marders" leaves. "Marders" peacekeepers and Wolfs begins the offensive. Tank positions remain unchanged. On the right flank, the Wolfs scouts and the "Gepards" of the peacekeepers practically sweep away the BMP detachment.

Repair is finished, Hauptmann
Show him all our fury.
Still here and ready.
BRDM burned by "Marders"
Big fire!

The night did not come. At the station "Shilki" moved forward and destroyed one "Gepards". The "Spandrels" fired into nowhere. Remained alone, BRDM stunned "Marder" with infantry.

Too much firepower!
"Shilki" prepare!

Fourth turn

Night is coming. From the reserve comes two squad of "Leopards 2", one on center and one on right flank. "Marders" continue to advance on left flank. They destroy "Spandrel" squad, solo BRDM and stun one "Carnation". "Gepards" on left flank move forward and shoot on infantry on hill with no result. On right flank scouts and other "Gepard" destroy two "Shilkas" and stun one. "Jaguars" destroy OP.

"Gepards" fire on infantry.
Faster across the bridge!
Tanks coming!
Die "Spandrels", die!
Revenge by "Gepard" and scouts.
General view of the left flank of the Soviets.
Centers attack.
Burning BRDM.

No reserve. "Shilkas" and command BMP destroy by morale squad of peacekeepers "Marders". On station BMP destroy another "Gepard".

"Marders" on fire!

Fifth turn

From the reserve arrive squad of "Leopard 1". "Marders" advance under bridge and cover by stone. Squads of peacekeepers "Leopards 2" move forward at night. At station "Gepards" destroy last BMP.

Damn night.
"Gepards" fire at infantry with no results.
"Leopards 1" arrive.
Finally is ablaze.

On right flank arrive big group of T-72 and advance to objective at max speed. Otherwise, nothing new.

Red wave.
Other side.
View from the top.

SIX turn

Bundeswehr move forward. Leopards 2 of peacekeepers move throught railroad to objective near station. Near city all sneak awaiting T-72. Anti-aircraft cover begins to move forward, due to the low visibility at night.

Infantry dismount from "Marders".
Mechanics, look around.
By fire of "Marders" and "Leopards 1" enemy infantry is pinned down.
The German attack is in melee, but bad luck, they lose the melee and fail morale.
Dropped and suppressed

On station arrive another squad of T-72, annihilating one "Leopard 2". Close to city T-72 move forward. They destroy two "Leopards 1" on the bridge, two Marders and destroy infantry squad.

Holy shit!
Top view on right flank
"Leopards 2" on fire!

seven turn

Aircraft arrive with no result. "Jaguars" of peacekeepers arrive from reserve. Begins tank battle on both flanks, is ablaze many tanks, however not so many. At the station a lot of tanks just stunned. Near the town the joint efforts of the "Jaguars", "Leopards 2", and the survivors of the "Leopard 1" destroyed 4 tanks and stunned one.

Total miss.
Many more miss!
Burn, burn!
"Leopards 2" on fire position.
Top view.
Top view at city.

From the reserve near the station leaves the squad of T-64 and, together with the T-72s opened fire on the "Leopard 2", but to no avail, because the night they can't hit. Near the town of T-72 are going to attack. Destroyed one "Leopard-1", one "Gepard", but damage to "Leopards-2" is not applied.

Stand and shoot, mines all around!
"Marder" and "Leopard 1" destroy.
T-64 arrive.
"Gepard" on fire.
T-72 charge infantry and finally destroy him.
Many fires.
Top view at city.

Eight turn

To front line arrive "Leopard 1" squad of peacekeepers and scout squad. Near the station a detachment of "Leopards 2" bypasses the T-72 and stun many. The second squad shoots at the T-64, destroying three of them and two stuns. Near the city with the help of "Jaguars", "Leopard 1" and "Leopard 2" destroyed three T-72 tanks.

"Roland" and "Gepard" advance.
They do not burn
Near the city.
Top view at station.

From reserve arrive T-64 squad in city. Near the station continues firing, finally destroyed one "Leopard 2". Near the town the remaining T-72 are in a suicidal attack and destroy two "Leopard -2".

Reinforcement are coming!
Leopards on fire!
New campfire at the station

Nine turn

Near station "Leopards - 2" finally cope with enemy tanks. Near the city forces regroup, "Leopards 2" together with "Leopards - 1" and "Jaguars" finish the last T-72. Anti-aircraft cover on all sides moving forward.

Peacekeepers attack!
Top view at center.
Reinforcement arrive.
Damn the trees, their mother.
Flame at station, big flame.
T-64 at fire, too.
Total view.

All possible air support arrives. It destroys one unit "Leopard 2" at the station, the intercept gives no results. T-64 occupy a position near the city and destroy one "Leopard -1" of peacekeepers.

Air! Holy shit!
Peacekeepers at fire!
Advance, they need help.

Ten turn

Air defense destroys three helicopter Soviets. Remaining "Leopards 2" go to city, wanting to concentrate their forces, destroy major team BMP - 2 and together disperse "Carnations". "Leopard 2" Wolf bypass the T-64 from the flank and, together with "Jaguars" destroys all of them. "Leopards 1" peacekeepers attack infantry at the point and successfully lead her to a bad state of morality. As a result, all the formations of the enemy in poor condition and the victory for the Bundeswehr!

Last attack.
Peacekeepers last advance.
"Leopards 1" attack infantry.
All station at fire!
Result of charge - Carnation leave the battlefield.
It,s mine!
Burning hill.

"Wounded to the transports, and the rest to tanks and "Luchs"! – Wolf gave orders through a megaphone likely to form than in the case - peacekeepers to their, run, run!". Columns of prisoners quickly ran away on cars, transports rushed the first and at maximum speed disappeared behind the next grove. "Exploration in the cordon, the others retreat as planned, now, now – ordered Hauptmann". "Today's victory is only a prelude to the next battles, but we have a hell of a good chance of winning – thought Wolf, shaking in his "Werewolf II".

PS It was a real grinder. It was very difficult to coordinate with an ally. But it was worth it. Yeah, I don't really reveal the actions of the artillery, since it practically did nothing for the game, so I figured no need to clutter up the story with their actions. Thank you for reading and browsing, good luck with your next company!

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