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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Frankfurt and beyond!

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Keep the Soviets.

Hauptmann Wolf walked briskly toward his "Werewolf II," while pondering the reports of the reconnaissance groups. "We need to find time to rest for the fighters," Wolf thought. "A couple more such transitions and the Soviets will take us asleep."
"The Reds are eager for Bremen, we must not allow a single breakthrough to the surrounded" - this was the order of the headquarters. The order must be fulfilled, it is certain, but no orders will not help not to sleep for weeks. However, as there is called this town ...


The game was a standard mission "Free for all" with attacking Soviet forces.
The NATO forces are protecting the oil storage reservoir and trying to intercept the road near a small village. The Soviets took up defense on the outskirts of the oil storage, and blocked the further way along the highway.

Right flank of NATO
Left flank of NATO
Infantry took up positions for the defense of objects. BMD "Marder" are advancing along the road.
The Soviets occupied the village and prepared to repel a furious attack.
"The forest is clean, Hauptmann" - armored vehicles are scouting positions near the oil storage.
"The enemy is directly on the course, Hauptmann" - armored cars in the village.
"We'll turn them into dust" - Jaguars are ready.
Hold the line!
Red tanks with the help of BRDM took the position behind the church, and are ready to attack.
To repel the attack T-64 on the front put forward "Leopards - 2".
General view of the right flank of the Soviets. In the forest hid T-64 with anti-tank missiles "Cobra", behind the hill are the "Storms".

In addition, "Leopards - 1" took refuge in the forest near the railway, thanks to armored cars. On the right flank armored vehicles advanced to the infantry of the enemy, as quickly as possible. "Gepards" took up defense in the area of the oil storage.

First turn

BRDM and T-64 advanced forward, shooting on the march along the infantry fighting vehicle "Marder" and armored cars, however to no avail. Soviet infantry and helicopters remain on the ground without showing any aggression. "Storms", failing the "Blitz", enter the hill.

Scouts of the Soviets went on the attack.
Red tanks are attacking!

"Leopards 2" occupy more successful positions for shooting from the grove and a successful fire podbiate two stuck in a stone fence T-64. "Jaguars" on Blitz are pushing to the hill and fire on tanks and storms, eventually one "Storm" and one more T-64 tank are destroyed. The "Marder" BMP are advancing along the road and are firing at the "Storms" from the maximum distance, and with the help of an armored car that has been moved by rail, another "Storm" is being destroyed, the one remaining in panic is running away. Armored cars in the village shoot at BRDM and do not destroy a single one. "Leopards 1" remain in place, waiting for the right time for the attack.

Hit and disappeared.
Fire on the run - "Marder" and armoured cars, after going through the Blitz, are being pushed to attack the "Storms".
"Jaguars in positions, Hauptmann - prepare glasses from the sun, now it will be hot".
The red tanks are burning!
"Storms" vain climbed on this hill.

Second turn

Soviet helicopters attack the "Jaguars" and "Leopards - 2", two "Gepards" try to intercept them with their fire, but do not succeed. Helicopters also did not get anywhere. Through the railroad, "Shilki" and BMP are nominated, and by opening fire on the "Marders" they deafen two of them and destroy one, later they leave. BRDM open fire on armored cars and stun both, but they do not fail leadership and remain on the table. The T-64 is moving ahead and destroying one "Jaguar" and one infantry base by its fire. The T-64 with the "Cobra" is waiting for the best time to attack.

Anti-aircraft guns - fire!
"Shilka" and "BMP" in the attack.
T-64 advance!
"Gepards" open fire to intercept.
"Marders" were destroyed - we did not fulfill the order.
"Jaguars" suffered losses, but they will not surrender.
Infantry holds a position.
Stunned armored cars.

"Leopards 1" are pushed forward, two of them are stuck in the forest. One "Leopard" goes further and fires at the BMP, to no avail. Two "Leopards" occupy positions at the railway and destroy one T-64 each, having come to them aboard. "Gepards" advance on the position at Blitz and the remaining two vehicle fire on helicopters - as a result - three helicopters are falling. Armored cars in the village destroy two BRDM and stun one. "Leopards 2" destroy one tank with the "Cobra" and destroy one tank at the center of the table. "Jaguars" stun another tank at the center of the table. On the right flank armored vehicles approach the infantry of the enemy and cover it with machine-gun fire. Infantry "Milans" do not penetrate the armor T-64.

Bloody trees!
The tanks are on fire!
BRDM are destroying.
"Leopards 2" took the position to attack.
Of the T-64 came out good bonfires!
Do not let them lift their heads!

Third turn

Soviets .
The Soviet infantry keeps the defense at the objective. BMP are advancing, having bypassed the left stuck "Leopards 1", successfully destroy one of them. Another "Shilka" passes through the railway and squad destroys the armored car. One T-64 run away, but alone T-64 from another squad retreat to closes hill. T-64 with "Cobra" missiles stunned another "Leopard 1". Mi-24 does not have time to attack the target and gets stuck in the interception.


End of the game.

After the "Leopards 1" remained in service, despite the losses, the Soviet commander issued an order for a general retreat, wishing to save forces for the next battle.
Victory for NATO!

Final position.

"We did it, Mauser! - said Hauptmann Wolf - the breakthrough of the Soviets failed, they suffered significant losses, at least half a dozen tanks, and many other equipment". "That's right, Hauptmann - replied Mauser - I received a message from the headquarters. We finally succeed, we will get a well deserved rest. Excellent!"

Greetings to all. Since the battle was fast, I add here a few more photos for a change. The training of new recruits takes a lot of time, because of which it is necessary to limit the main games somewhat.
I thank everyone for reading and recommendations, good luck.

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