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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Hauptmann Wolf strikes back

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Ruhr will be German again!

Hauptmann Wolf was glad to return to the army. After the destruction of his "Werewolf" by the fire of Soviet RPGs, he nearly died, but he was lucky - another Leopard - 1 in time was able to evacuate him to the rear of the army. Regimental physicians noted a slight concussion of the brain, several bruises and kept Wolf in the infirmary for several days, after which he finally managed to sign off and went to the front.
Now he was already in the "Werewolf II", carrying out a new command order - to carry out a counterattack against the forces of the Soviets in the Ruhr area. "The Mauser did a good job," Wolf thought, "we'll have to recommend it to the promotion."


The game was a standard mission "No Retreat" with "Dawn" rule with attacking NATO forces. The objects were stand in the center of the village and on its entrance. Under the terms of the mission, the Soviets left on the table a detachment of infantry with infantry fighting vehicles in centre, three T-64 on right flank, BRDM-2 as scouts on right flank, quick-firing "Shilki" on left flank, anti-tank "Spandrel" in ambush.
NATO deployment.
NATO reconnaissance squadrons have evenly expanded the deployment zone on all flanks.
The left flank of NATO is "Leopard -2" squad, infantry in BMP "Marder", squads of scouts on armored vehicles, squad "Jaguars -1", squad of "Gepards", creating a large area of anti-aircraft defense.
The right flank NATO is "Leopard - 1" squad with commander and squad of armored vehicles.
The general view of the table and the placement area of Soviets and NATO is shown below.

Left - Soviet, right - NATO
View from the side of NATO
Left - NATO, right - Soviet
Deadly minefields
Left flank of NATO (early version)
Right flank of NATO
Left flank of Soviets
Right flank and center of Soviets
Final view

First turn

The "Leopards -2" detachment failed the blitz order - the movement moves forward and fires T-64, inconclusively, as well as "Leopards-1" who did not get into the BMP on the right flank. The infantry is landed from the infantry fighting vehicle and is occupied by the church - "Milanes" are standed on the bell tower.
Squads of armored cars are pushed behind the tanks, and on the left flank, together with the infantry destroy the squad BRDM - 2.
"Gepards" remain in place, waiting for the approach of enemy aviation.

Fire on the move.
Stand By.
First blood.

The Soviets withdraw their helicopters from reserves, successfully attacking the right-flank "Leopards - 1", destroying 2 tanks, despite the fire of antiaircraft machine guns. From ambush go "Spandrels" and ineffectively attack the "Leopards -2", like the BMP. T-64 go to the nearest hill and open fire on "Leopards - 2" and also do not achieve success.
"Shilki" open fire on armored cars, alternately disabling their equipment, but not blasting them. Armored cars keep the formation, and do not run away.

Threat from the air
Hold the line!
Retreat and regroup.

Second turn

"Leopards - 2" advance and attack the T-64 group, destroying two out of three. The infantry supports them and destroy the surviving tank by firing the ATGM from the bell tower. "Gepards" in righteous rage destroy three of the four attack helicopters, remaining in a panic run away. Together, "Leopards 1" and armored cars destroyed BMP - two fire tanks and one fire armored vehicles. The remaining BMP fled in panic. "Marders" and armored cars on the left flank jointly destroy one vehicle in the "Spandrels" squad and deafen one more, in other way the squad does not scatter, but remains on the position.

Tanks on fire.
I'll make the helicopters disappear - taddaam.
Situation of troops at the end of NATO's second move

A group of T-72s with a commander leaves the Soviet reserve and attacks the "Leopards-2", destroying one of them. On the left flank "Shilki" continue the shootout with armored cars, destroying one armored car in two groups, but not forcing them to escape. "Spandrels" shoot back on the "Leopards - 2", not even getting on and on the infantry "Marder", destroying it.

Like ghosts in the night
Deadly ghosts
"Marder" on fire.

Third turn

"Leopards - 2" break through the T-72 and attack them from the rear, blanchard beautiful thermal imagery destroying the entire group of 3 T-72. The commander of the T-72 formation is destroyed by the infantry "Milan" that has settled in the church. On the left flank, the "Marders" advance forward, together with the armored cars destroying one more "Spandrel".
At the center, "Gepards" move forward, closing their "Leopards 2" with their "umbrella", firing at the Soviet infantry unsuccessfully.
On the right flank, "Leopards - 1" retreat into the forest to avoid mines, two groups of armored vehicles attack "Shilki" and burn two.

For a united Germany.
Living "Spandrel"
"Shilki" on fire!
Quietly and imperceptibly, like the wind in the desert.
We'll cover for you.
Right NATO flank
Left NATO flank.

It's dawning.
From the reserve of Soviets go SU-25 attack aircraft and make an attack on the "Leopards - 2". One of the aircraft is destroyed by the "Gepard" antiaircraft gun, the second one shoot on tanks with no result. "Shilki" again fires at armored cars, as well as the only "Spandrel" on the left flank with no results too.

Burn, "Frogfoot", burn!

Fourth turn

"Leopards 2" retreat, taking positions for shooting at "Shilkas", shooting is inconclusive. From the forest leaves the only "Leopard - 1", by joint fire with armored cars, he destroys one Shilka, leading the squad into a bad morale.
"Gepards" are firing at the Soviet infantry, practically the entire game quietly sitting in their trenches, destroying all but two bases with their fire, also bringing the infantry into a bad moral state. As a result, the Soviets have a poor formative morality and run away from the field. The victory for the Bundeswehr.

"Spandrel" leaving the battlefield by moral.
"Shilkas" bad moral.
Strike from forest.
The tank cemetery.
A view of the battlefield on the last move.

"Mauser - a report to the headquarters. Our losses - three armored cars, one second, two first. Losses of the enemy - a platoon of infantry with infantry fighting vehicles, four air defense vehicles, up to eight tank, four "Crocodiles" . The enemy has suffered losses and is rapidly retreating. Pursuing. Hauptmann Wolf finished."

P.S. This time I decided to try a new format for describing the battles - a little less words, a little more pictures.
Another apology for poor knowledge of English. Our scout aircraft was shot down by friendly fire, so some photos are not very good quality (I dropped the phone on Gepards, lol). The battle was very tense, very much straining the tank reserves of the Soviets, but I was lucky with anti-aircraft fire.
Thank you all for reading and good luck on the battlefields.

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