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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Revenge for the Hauptmann

West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Counterattack near Amsterdam

After the last clash with the forces of the Soviets, Hauptmann Wolf was sent to the rear for treatment (https://firestormstripes.warconsole.com/battles/red-batya-vs-wolf-1520786569). The task to solve the problem of the Soviet breakthrough was put before oberleutnant Mauser, Wolf's deputy.

Mauser addressed a short speech to his people: "Guys, you all know about the health of the Hauptmann, I do not have to remind you why he was so risky, and why we risk everything, I'll tell you only one thing - we must take revenge on the Soviets for him.
Therefore, listen to my order - to take positions and keep the front until they understand that the German soldiers will not back down, despite the losses. Stand down".

The game was conducted according to the standard mission "Free for all". The game table is a small town near the river, through which passes the highway, with two-way troops are located.The role of the attacker fell to the troops of NATO, I was chosen to set up outside the city, because I did not have enough infantry to control the town, and it's not very safe to get tanks into the city. The location of the objects and the general view of the table are presented in the photographs. By mutual consent, the Soviet "Shilks" are removed to the reserve with the condition of exit at the request of the player in his zone of deployment.

Left flank

The right flank - the Soviets put forward their infantry divisions with the support of scout infantry fighting vehicles. The Red Artillery hid in the forest, having previously set up an observer. The detachment of the T-72 and T-64 occupied convenient positions for the scratch fire. NATO advanced its scout units, and also placed infantry (in the church) and "Gepards" and "Marders" at the other objects (the forest beyond the river). "Leopards -2" took a position on the hillside for the purpose of conducting a firing duel with Soviet tanks. "Roland" moved to the firing positions, seeking to close the entire table of its anti-aircraft defense.

Right flank

On the right flank scout armored vehicles moved to the city, trying not to let the Soviets take a good position there, which they succeeded. "Leopards - 1" got the task to bypass the Soviets from the flanks. The Soviets placed their tanks outside the town, as well as anti-aircraft missiles "Gopher".

Infantry positions in the church.
Tank positions.
Protection of the "river" point.
Armored cars have moved to prevent the advance of infantry
Scouts on the Hill
Scouts in the city garden
Scouts in the city
"Leopards - 1" ready for a breakthrough on the flank
BMP on the right flank protection
T-64 on guard object
T-72 in ambush
Soviet artillery on the protection of the object
Soviet infantry is coming
Positions of tank units and air defense outside the city

First turn

NATO forces are moving forward - "Leopards 1" are moving ahead on the right flank, successfully crossing the forest tracts. "Leopards - 2" and the "Rolands" are changing positions, and the tanks successfully cover the T-64 - one is destroyed, two shell-shocked. Armored cars from the hill and from the left flank attack scout infantry fighting vehicles - two of them are shell-shocked. "Gepards" moved to firing positions in the forest. Armored cars in the city take positions for firing at the infantry fighting vehicle, but do not succeed.

Affected infantry fighting vehicles
Padded T-64
Change of positions
Flank bypass BMP
"Leopards -1" are coming!

Soviet helicopters attack on the right flank for the purpose of attack, they shell the "Leopards -1" and destroy one, but under the firing of the "Rolands" they lose two of their brethren. Soviet tanks and infantry fighting vehicles cross the city, firing at armored cars, destroying one of them. Tanks in the center recover from their wounds and begin a duel with "Leopards - 2", as well as the T-72 in the forest. On the left flank, Soviet infantry destroy armored cars with the help of RPGs, they are helped in this by the restored BMP.Soviet artillery fired tank positions, to no avail.

Loss of the "Leopards -1"
Surviving helicopters
Soviet tanks in the city
Fearless T-64
Luchs on fire
T-72 opened fire from the forest

Second turn

"Gepards" with the fire of their cannons suppress the infantry of the Soviets on the left flank. The planes fly out of the reserve, and bomb the positions of reconnaissance vehicles, destroying one and stunning the two. Armored cars finish off the BMP detachment with the help of their guns, continuing to move to the artillery of the Soviets. "Leopards - 2" in a duel could not hit the target. In the city armored cars managed to hit one BMP. The infantry unsuccessfully fires from "Milans" on the T-72. "Leopards - 1" continue to move on the flank, firing from antiaircraft machine guns, however to no avail.

"Gepards" - fire!
Pinned infantry.
Destroyed BMP
City tanks
"Leopards - 1" move!
"Leopards - 2" on firing position.

In a vain attempt to destroy the "Leopards - 1", Soviets helicopters die under the fire of the "Rolands" all to one. In the city, Soviet infantry fighting vehicles and tanks are being rebuilt to repel an attack by the "Leopards - 1". The BMPs fire on armored cars and destroy one detachment. Soviet tanks at the center are fully restored and continue to shoot with Leopards - 2, so far, to no avail. The Soviet infantry does not raise its head and tries to dig in. Soviet artillery fires the infantry in the church, forcing them to lower their heads.

"Luchs" burn!
Threat on the right flank!
Hail to "Rolands"!

Third turn

The German infantry raises its head, and fires without firing with the help of "Milan" T-72. On the right flank armored cars break through to the Soviet artillery and stun one gun. "Leopards -2" again fizz in the enemy tanks. The only armored car that survived in the city affects three infantry fighting vehicles and undermines one. "Leopards - 1" remain in place, diverting the T-64 detachment from the main task. "Gepards" open fire on infantry, but they shamelessly miss and they do not destroy any infantry base. The planes fly out of the reserve, and when they enter the city tank group they are destroyed.

Fine shooting.
Stand By.

Tank group T-64 in the city to support a battered group of infantry fighting vehicles, together with them destroy the remaining armored car. Soviet tanks at the center are trying to successfully hit the "Leopards 2" and destroy one. The Soviet infantry, raising their heads, begins to attack the "Gepards" and with the help of RPGs and melee, destroys two of them, forcing the rest to retreat. With the help of artillery one destroyed in the church "Milan".

Breakthrough failed
The Last Defender
"Leopard -2" burn!

fourth turn

"Leopard-1" comes out of the forest, and using the turn of the turrets of the T-64, they shoot one of them. "Leopards - 2" are separated - the commander of the formation remains in place and makes revenge - two T-72s are on fire. The second "Leopard - 2" approaches the city and starts fire on the T-64 in it, to no avail. The rising German infantry destroys with the help of "Milan" the central T-64. "Gepards" and "Marders" are moving into the forest and trying to suppress the infantry of the Soviets, inflicting losses on them, and pinned them. Far ahead the armored car approaches the Soviet artillery and stuns one more gun.

Destroyed T-64.
And T-72.
Padded Soviet artillery.
Soviet infantry after the shelling.
Fire positions of "Leopards -2"

Soviet tanks and infantry fighting vehicles are trying to destroy the Leopards. "Leopard 2" gets stunned, but stands and repairs, "Leopard 1" destroyd by T-64. Artillery is recovered from hits and does not participate in the round. The infantry of the Soviets shoot back from the RPG and misses, because it is suppressed by fire.

The last position of the Soviets
Destroyed "Leopard - 1"

Fifth turn

"Leopards - 2" unite their efforts in the bombardment of the city and destroy the T-64 hits in the side armor. "Leopards -1" open fire on infantry fighting vehicles and disperse their orders. The Soviet infantry is seeking "Marders" machine-gun fire. Infantry from the church destroys the artillery with the help of "Milan".

Destroy them!
City on fire!

At the last gasp, the Soviet "Shilki", withdrawn by mutual consent to the reserve, go out to the surviving armored car and destroy it. The rest of the forces do not achieve anything. At this game ends with a minor victory of the Bundeswehr.


Thank you for your patience in anticipation of this report, for I accidentally published it ahead of time. I apologize in advance for my knowledge of English. I tried to make as detailed a report with photos as possible. Thank you all for reading and good luck!

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