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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

314th Panzer Flank Attack on the 81st Tank Regiment in Hamburg – 3rd Flank Attack, What went wrong everything!

West German
VS Warsaw Pact
Red Bear
Royal Hawaiian Gamers SALUTE O report

“Enjoy the music”

Salute O report from 314th Panzer in Hamburg #6

Size 114 points went to 103

Activity Flank attack from the book Leopard as the attacker

Location Operational Area Hamburg, Hamburg Strategic Theater

Unit 314th Panzer Battalion, 11th Panzer Grenadiers “Ghost Division”

Time Phase 2

Enemy Force 3rd Company – 81st Tank Battalion “Cossack Division” lead by Red Bear

Outcome I lost 2 to 5

Note I lost the delayed attack game and removed one from the 1st Leopard Zug and one from the reserve Zug

The book layout
The book force
I lost the delayed attack game to Red bear and had to remove two Leopared 2
The 314th Panzer Battalion, 11th Panzer Grenadiers “Ghost Division" reduced!
11th Panzer Greandiers Division "The Ghost Division"
Soviets win 5 to 2!
Red Bear won the two out three games and is the better player! Yes this was part of the bet!

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