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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Now for your lessening pleasure! or not it is the 80s after all!

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact
Captain Spuds

Please dont star rate or give commendation at this time.

Ok sorry for the delay, enjoy the music.

For all those warsaw pact commanders, remember don't cry.

You knew it was coming rock along my friends.

No mr bond I expect you to die, but only after listening to this sound track.

Uh uh oh, don't turn around, the kommissar's time is over, we have the Warsaw pact on the run, no more kommissars for you!
We also have THE BEST hair Jell you have ever seen.

Finally, everyone one wants to rule the world, but there can only be one!
Welcome to the eighties, mostly.
Enjoy don't rate just enjoy the fun.

Oh sorry I forgot the most obvious one of all, we will sing it as we rolling into, MOSCOW HA HA HA!

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