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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Corridor Carnage

West German
VS Warsaw Pact
Mr Phew

Field commanders report – Kampfgruppe Vinehart
Leopard 2 PanzerKompaine
Leopard 1 PanzerKompaine

Contact was made at 1837Z with 2 Russian comapanies:
T-64 tank company
Mounted infantry company

Objective taken at great loss

Force report
2 Leopard 2s, 3 gepards, airsupport and Panzergreniders + IFVs left in effective state. Losses and injuires HIGH – Request re-enforcement to hold positon

Soviet force broken and destroyed, no longer effective

This was my first battle with Leopard 1s in support of the Kampfgruppe and they performed admirably. I will be requesting further support from Leopard 1 Zugs from command in future

Awaiting further orders.

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West German


  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Congrats on the win.

  • Nabeshin says:

    Well done on the win kameraden. 🙂 Remember, us West Germans are low in number, so to improve our odds of victory we must ensure our reports win on quality! Make a nice flow between pictures and text to give the reader a break, and be selective of your images. Don’t forget a little more detail!

  • Vinehart says:

    I got the Gepards and the Luchs from Butler Printed Models.

    There stuff I great. Needs a little clean up but well worth it for the price

  • recce103c says:

    Great Win Vinhart, with a great painted force – and Yes I noticed the Gepards are Dutch PRTL models, where did you get them?

    bagged the Soviets!!

    your terrain was not made easy for you to achieve,

  • bayankhan says:

    Too many pictures, too little story

  • Vinehart says:

    The force is painted up in UN colours, on close inspection you can see that the Gepards are the Dutch model, the Leopard 1s are Canadian and half of the Marders are British Warriors.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Great photos and congrats on the win, is that a white NATO colour scheme?

  • DeltaRed58 says:

    I have a small West German force that I’d like to paint and play one. Congrats on your win. Your report though, short on words but plentiful on pictures. Photos would benefit from captions,… more words,…. more Cowbell!

  • Victor says:

    Good to see the false republic is loosing its precious few units

  • M. Nisbet says:

    A good win for the West Germans again. Hof is slowly slipping away from Red’s grasp, keep the supply lines open.